Friday, 31 January 2014

The First Of My Boudoir Bathroom Picture Frame!

framed machine sewn paper heart I have made a start on the framed paper collages I want for the walls of my “boudoir bathroom.  It was a tricky affair, but hopefully with this first one under my belt, the rest will get easier …. famous last words!
Poundshop frames_thumb[2]My Minds Eye, Stella and Rose 12 x 12 Designer Paper Pad 180 pages
I got the frames, in three different sizes  from Poundland which will hopefully be a good match for the mirror I have finally bought from Amazon. I can’t actually believe that I have seen the exact same frames on e-bay selling for some very silly prices, and I mean silly!  Whatever size I bought, I only paid £1.
I will be using the some of the papers from The My Minds Eye Stella and Rose 180 page paper pad that I used for the bath panel, however as the patterns have been scaled up for 12 x 12 papers, which are best suited for the scale of the bath panel, some are a little too big for the scale of the frames, so I shall also be using  pages/scraps leftover from my 6 x 6 paper pads, which will look a little more balanced.
machine sewing paper patchwork heartsmachine sewn paper heart
Anyway, I started with a 7” x 5” frame first. I cut a plain piece of cream card to act as a border for the "patchwork", followed by a piece of patterned paper measuring 6” x 4” for the background, centering them and holding them in place with double sided tape.  I then made a heart template, cutting it into four sections to create the patchwork effect, again positioning them with more double sided tape. Now, I am no shakes on a sewing machine, which is really quite fortunate as I wanted a shabby effect, and with my wobbly lines that’s exactly what I got!
machine sewn paper heart
Positioning the finished patchwork centrally in the frame was not as easy as I had anticipated, however again it was nothing that a little tape couldn’t fix ……. eventually!
So there’s number one frame done ….. I have eight/nine to go as I am going for a cluster effect, hopefully as I get more confident, the patchworks will become a more detailed ….. I would like my next one to be of a bird or a house …. soooooo very, very twee!!!