Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Butterfly Panel

Butterfly Heart
A while back my mum and sister came back from a day out and said they’d seen a panel covered in butterflies that they were sure I could make.  This is what I have come up with from their description.
Butterfly Heart 2
I used a faux suede panel, part of a set of three from Home Bargains (£ 1.99).  I made a heart template and drew round it.
Butterfly heart 1
Then I covered the heart with what seemed like 100’s of punched butterflies, each one having three very sparkly clear flat backed gems down the centre and a tiny bit of hologram glitter.
It all looks a bit flat in the picture which doesn’t really do it justice. The panel looks better from a distance and in the sunlight the gems and glitter twinkle beautifully (if I may say so myself!).

Monday, 30 May 2011

Tiny “Jam Pot” Light Place Setting

Mini Jam pot tealight 1
When I get an idea in my head, it’s hard for me to let it be until I finally make it.  I eventually sorted out a small enough candle to fit by using a watchmakers tin I had forgotten I had, (but in future I will use metal, screw bottle tops, which I am now collecting).
mini tealight
I drew flowers on the jar using a Cern’ gold outliner (Lefranc and Bourgeois).  When the outliner was dry I coloured in the petals and leaves using glass paint pens, adding a flat backed gem in the centres.  Then to cover the groves at the top of the jar I went over them with more gold outliner and adding a few more gems before it dried.
Mini Jam Pot Tealight
Using the Macro on my camera to get right up close it looks a bit blobby, so perhaps I need a bit more practice with the outliner, but I think that after a few more tries these would look lovely on a place setting, before the start of a “posh” meal and am already thinking about a Christmas version without the outliner.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Car Boot Sale Wooden Box

Altered Wooden Box 2
I apologise that there are only a few step by step pictures of this project, I got so involved I forgot to pick my camera up!
Carboot Find Wooden Box  Wooden Box Carboot Find Remember the £2 wooden box I got from a car boot sale a few weeks back?  Well on the first day of my Whitsun break I decided it was about time I did something with it.  I am so chuffed when I find a “car boot bargain” but then am equally guilty of doing nothing with it when I get it home.
Altered Wooden Box
I’ve covered the outside panels and the inside, including the tray with 12” x 12” papers from Stampin Up Designer Series Paper – Springtime Vintage pack (121782) which cost £8.75 for 12 assorted double sided sheets.
Altered Wooden Box 1
All this was a little fiddly, I made templates of all the parts I wanted to cover, but as the box was handmade it was a bit trial and error to get things to fit just right.
Altered Wooden Box 4
I used a small blue flowery pattern on the outside, but it looked a little too plain, so I cut some larger flowers from another paper, sticking them on top,  which transformed it, giving it a lovely old fashioned look.
Altered Wooden Box 6
I couldn’t decide what to do with the top, I quite liked it plain but there was a small, noticeable chip on it, so in the end I decided to cover it, using a gold panel cut using a Nestabilities label die on my Bigshot with a smaller label in the middle, using the same paper as the panels plus some more flower cut outs.
The next stage was to varnish it all, several times,  inside and out.  I used Ronseal Quick Drying Varnish, Clear Gloss which dries in 20 minutes which is brilliant for me as I am very impatient and find this sort of thing as boring as hell!
Altered Wooden Box 8
It’s now finished.  I am thrilled, I haven’t decided what to use it for yet, but jewellery seems to be the obvious answer as my collection of quirky bits and pieces is constantly growing thanks to even more car boot sales!

All Fiddle Farters Together!

I’m not the only one who fiddle farts in my family, everyone has a little dabble ….
This is the beautiful dovecote my father-in-law made for me to give my husband for his birthday in a few weeks time, it was too big to hide so I’ve given it him a bit early!
Picture 042
In turn my husband has always got a project on the go, from doing up old fishing reels ….
fishing rods
….. and fishing rods ….
Green Man
…..  to concrete garden ornaments…..
Lucy's Cross Stitch
…… and my daughter Lucy who does the most exquisite cross stitch, it’s a wonder any of us ever find time to go to work!!!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Strawberry Laces

Inspired by the sweetie jar paper I used earlier this week, I thought I would have a doodle of my own on a similar line ….
Strawberry Laces Card
So, I made the card and then …….
Strawberry laces Card and sweetie Jaer
…… made a real sweetie jar to match!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Thanks From The Heart Card

This card measures 5ins x 5ins and is made using white linen effect card.
Thanks from the Heart
I love the card (above) from follower Christine so much that it inspired me to make my own version .
Thank You From The Heart Card
Very plain and very simple.  The writing is my own and I’ve just added a single flat backed gem heart.  It’s given me a few ideas for other similar cards, especially for Christmas, when I don’t have too much time for fiddle fart!

What’s It Called? … And Tiny Tealights …

I bought a roll of thickish metal foil years ago (see pic below), and I have only got a little bit left and would like to buy some more as I have a couple of ideas for headbands/tiaras but don’t have a clue what it’s called or where to get any from  …. can anyone help me please?
Picture 018 tea-light-candle
Also thank you for all the suggestions for mini tea lights for my tiny jam jars …… I did think that if I got a few metal screw bottle tops, took the metal attachment and wick out of an ordinary tealight and then melted the wax to put into the bottle top ….. it might work ….. watch this space ….!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Kaffe Fassett - A Little Bit of Knitting

Today I thought I would show you that,  I can, when in the mood, knit something a bit more complicated than just    mug hugs and dishcloths!
Picture 008
I adore Kaffe Fassett and two of these three cardigans are based on one of his patterns.
I just want to stroke the pages of his books, I love the colours, the patterns and the textures of his designs.  I know I should knit more stuff like this, (though at the moment I am averaging one dishcloth a night)  but something like the cardi above takes an awful lot of concentration and counting, something that’s not very easy when I am watching The Apprentice.  There was a time before I started card making when I used to read knitting patterns books for bedtime reading!  This first cardi is following Kaffe’s pattern to the letter, but with my choice of colours..
Picture 007
When my children were small I used to knit them vintage patterns from the 40’s and 50’s, so they were always a bit different and recently I have been looking on e-bay for old patterns and have been thrilled with the ones I have bought.
Picture 012
Goodness only knows what I was on when I knit the second cardi (above). It’s using the basic Kaffe pattern but then I’ve gone my own sweet way.  There is no way any child would get lost wearing this little number!
Picture 009
This last cardi isn’t a Kaffe, but a basic pattern that I put my own stamp on re: the design. The bit I HATE most ….. sewing every single thread in…… aggghhhhh!
Picture 010
This is Kaffe’s Dining Room below , oh my life, I just want to touch everything.  I belong in a room like this!
..  And when I eventually give up blogging and crafting and have a bit more time, this is going to be my first project …..

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda!

A couple of weeks ago there were dandelion clocks everywhere and now I am full of regret, because, one I was too bone idle to go out and take any photos of them  and two, now that I am into making bottle charms I wish I had carefully collected a few heads to put a few of them…. oh well, next year!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Is There Such A Thing …..?

I have a whole box of mini jam jars (purloined from many hotel stays!), This morning I had an idea   …… I could make some mini lights for individual place settings for a party ….. BUT….. normal tea lights are too big …. and I wondered if you can get mini tea light type candles,  any ideas??


Candy/Sweetie Jar Cards

These cards all measure 5ins x 5 ins and are made using linen effect card.
sweetie giftwrap
As a person with a terrible sweet tooth, I saw this gift wrap in John Lewis and just had to have it … it’s designed by Emma Davis  and cost £1.75,(SHW89).
 Liquorice Allsorts Card
I have cut out individual jars and then laminated them (top tip, if laminating small cut outs keep them in place with a tiny bit of Pritt before putting them through the machine)
liquorice wheel card
I’ve stuck them down with a foam pad to give them extra dimension on a black gingham background, thinking that then they would then be suitable for either sex, because although a lot of men say they don’t eat sweets, you watch them pinch a few from your packet when you have them!!!
 Red Liquorice Twists card
As a final touch I’ve used Ranger Glossy accents on the jar labels again for extra dimension.
Picture 173 Picture 171

What’s On My Wrist Wednesday!

Claire's Bracelet
Look what I found in Claire’s while I was away at the seaside last weekend  and  looking for a little holiday treat for myself ….…I couldn’t resist, it was so me!
Claire's Accessories
It’s a bracelet which cost £6.50. I stood in the shop counting the links like a numpty, and couldn’t believe there are 36.  For some reason the “Serenity and Honesty” are one link but all the other words are single. I think I am going to wear it for a little while, as I love jewellery with words on and then when I have worn it enough I’m going to disassemble it and use the words on cards and tags ….. watch this space……

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wish Bottle Charm

Wish Bottle
In amongst all the lovely treasure I received for Carly (see below) there were several little corked bottles.
bottle jar
I’ve wanted to make some bottle charm pendants for ages and couldn’t believe it when I saw that Claire’s Accessories are selling them at the moment, a bit plainer than this, but I am on the right track.
 Wish Bottle 1
What I have shown today  is still very much at the experimental stage! 
Wish Bottle 2
I made a little scroll with “wish” written on it, before putting it in the bottle with some small gold stars. I have then used Ranger Glossy Accents to stick on some Suze Weinberg Beadazzels - Macarena, which I am not really sure about.  Then I added some brass dragonfly charms and various flat backed gems and pearls, followed by a small screw eye bail in the cork, with a brass lock and key charm attatched.  I might put a leather thong through the eye eventually, but at the moment I think I will keep it as it is.
Wish Bottle 3
I wanted the bottle to have an ethereal,  fairy type feel/look to it, but I’m not sure if I have quite achieved it this time.  The closeness of the pictures make it look a bit blobby, but as a first attempt it’ll do and I think I will give it to my mum for her birthday!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ….

I have such lovely followers and this week I have been overwhelmed by their kindness …
Picture 176
On Tuesday I received a huge parcel from Carly containing all kinds of wonderful treasure …. I’m going to keep it all in the box, so it doesn’t get mixed up with all my other crafting stuff, giving me somewhere “magical” to delve into when I’m looking for inspiration or a “bit” to start/finish something off and then I’ll know exactly where it came from.  I hope I can thank Carly in the coming weeks and months by using some of her lovely gift in some of my projects.  THANK YOU SO MUCH Carly!
Thanks from the Heart
And then on Saturday morning …. this lovely card came with the postman from Christine….
Picture 169
……. with this lovely necklace ….
Blue Bird in a cage pendant
There is a tiny china bird in the cage …… how beautiful is that? ....And I have such a thing about birdcages!!  Thank you so much, it made me cry!
Producing two blogs on a daily basis is quite hard work, but it’s lovely things like this and all the wonderful comments that make it such a pleasure to do and keeps me thinking about the next idea……
Again THANK YOU xx