Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sticky Beaking For Di – Craft Stuff Finally Sorted To the Eighth Degree!!

It’s done, eight months after moving in my craft stuff is now sorted and has a permanent home, without looking, I hope, too intrusive (if that’s the word?)
room mid tidy. room mid tidy
It took forever, sometimes I just had to close the door and walk away after I had had enough of the sorting, in all it took me three days, with breaks, as I got frustrated.
mid room tidyBut it’s all done, and everything has a place, and more importantly, I now know where everything is!
tidy bedroom.There are several large, easy to access, under bed boxes, under the bed (where else) for paper, card, tools (silhouette, laminator, sealer etc.) and Christmas embellishments, papers etc..
tidy bedroom 2The rest is all in contained in the drawers and boxes on the shelves, but leaving the two large, top shelves in the main unit for guests to put their bits when they stay. It’s reassuring to know that I kept all the right bits when I downsized my craft room, there was nothing set aside as no longer needed.  I do have a couple of boxes under the bed that are still empty and if I had anticipated this, perhaps, I might have kept a few more of my patterned papers and a few more stickers …… but hey!
Would I change anything now it’s all done?  Well, the situation was a little different when I was first buying the furniture and I needed to get the room basically furnished at least.  With hindsight, which is a wonderful thing, I wish I had investigated more having a floor to ceiling cupboard/wardrobe made/fitted with a set of four drawers to the side, along the same lines of my bedroom, or failing that, had the shelves made to reach the bottom of the drawer unit, so it looked more or less like one unit, but again hey, I have too much time on my hands to over think things, but, perhaps in time, I could extend the shelves?????
stickybeaking in my cupboardMy bedroom cupboards are now strictly toy free zones, with toys now relocated to the hall cupboard. I still have a couple of empty, high up, out of ‘baby’ reach shelves for when I bulk buy loo rolls, washing powder, and other cleaning products etc. when they are on offer.
   Keeping Crafting TIdycraft tidy box
I have also really sorted out the six drawers in my crafting table in the lounge, as they too were getting on my nerves as they were tightly crammed with stuff I didn’t really need on a daily basis.
And, a top tip from Marc for staying tidy between crafting sessions ……… collect and put everything you need for your current project(s) in a large box  and then at the end of your session tidy everything back into it, so that it’s all still there and ready for the next day etc.  The idea works, the flat is small so it doesn’t take a lot to turn it into a bomb site, and there is no way I can relax on the settee with a messy corner staring at me.