Friday, 27 November 2009

Small Paper Flower Wreath

I haven’t got a clue what this is, but it was fun to make, I made it after seeing Christmas Wreaths made from paper on various forums and I thought I would make a mini version, but somehow it turned into something more suitable for Easter ( which makes me as bad as Cadbury’s when they have cream eggs on sale on Boxing day!)
flower circle
I have used a flat plastic bangle as the base and then stuck on  punched flowers and leaves in colours and patterns that I didn’t attempt to match, just to see what the effect would be like .
flower ring close up
The flower centres are Rainbow Drops from Crafty Notions.flower ring
I think I will just hang this on one of the notice boards in my craftroom until I come up with an idea on how to use it!

I really must stop photographing my stuff when the glue is still wet, close up pictures are merciless and yet again my gems have slipped off centre!