Friday, 7 December 2018

Heads Up To Poundland – Crafty Cards & Snow Globe Stickers

As promised yesterday a couple more treasures found in the seasonal bargain baskets of Poundland in Worcester.
The self adhesive snow globe bubble stickers were too good to ignore, but I was restrained and only bought two different design packs as I didn’t have a clear idea at the time as to what I could do with them ………
…… however, they appear to be quite robust with very usable designs, so perhaps small simple square cards or gift tags?
The other treasure was a pack each of these snowmen and penguin cards (there was also a Santa design too) with Iris and Bertie and of course Nanny in mind. They are of a fantastic glossy quality and for just £1 a pack I know I had a bargain.  They didn’t come with envelopes but that’s fine,  I have whole box of the things that I can sort through.
The packs came with everything you need, googly eyes, pom poms, glitter glue, and sticky pads to attach the heads and give the characters a 3D element.
I would also add white micro glitter to the penguins hats and red to the snowmen’s hat band and scarves.  They are so cute and crazy value for money.  If  we/I don’t get to do them this year they’ll certainly save for next.
As I said I was restrained in my purchasing, despite the prices, because I no longer craft in the large quantities I once used to.  However, I am still aware that if you see something you fancy then you’re best making a considered purchase there and then because you can bet that they’ll have disappeared by the time you realise that you really should have got them!