Friday, 1 April 2011

Facebook Update ....... Sorted!

No need to dwell anymore ....all sorted and hugs all round xxxx

My Decopatch House

I think this is the start of my new long term project.
Picture 216
I knew that if I didn’t do something almost immediately with this ply board house (£6) I got from the Decopatch Stand at NEC on Saturday, it would eventually get tucked away and erm….  be forgotten for at least a year or so, but that’s not going to be the case …..
Stella and Rose papers
I’ve decided to use the papers from the 6in x 6in My Mind’s Eye, Stella and Rose (Gertie and Rosie) paper pads I also got on Saturday.  The patterns are small, in perfect proportion to the “house” and most importantly they already match, which is something I am hopeless at doing!
Decopatch House
This will indeed be a labour of love, because although I made templates for one side of the house, they weren’t exactly right for the other side, so each “room” is going to have  be done individually, making templates first. I’m also hoping that several coats of varnish will cover any little mistakes I make along the way.
Picture 234
I think I am going to make each section a room, a little bit higgledy piggledy, like the old overcrowded dolls houses you see in history books, with tables and shelves covered in curios, pictures on the walls and perhaps a few dangling lights ….
I am also planning on putting doors on the sides of the rooms, using images I find on Google etc. so that it looks like each room is adjoining.  It’s going to take me ages I know, but just think of all the fun I’m going to have looking for all the tiny things to put in!