Thursday, 21 December 2017

Blast From The Past - Candy Cane Mouse From Christmas 2010

Candy Cane Mouse 1
Google “candy cane mouse” in images and you'll get lots and lots of results, this is my version.
candy Cane Mouse 2
I initially downloaded a template from this site:- (Thank you Dawn), but when I started making it I decided to change the colours, ears and face a little bit.
Candy Cane Mouse 3
I’ve added large googly eyes and faux sticking, hoping to get a soft patchwork toy sort of effect. The ears are stuck on using a sticky foam pad for extra dimension.
Back view of Candy Cane Mouse
This is my protype, the tape looks awful! It will be replaced by a thin strip of foam pad under the cane, that won't be seen.  I was just in too much of a hurry to get the mouse photographed.  So my apologies for the shonky and very unprofessional finish!!!