Monday, 31 May 2010

100 Wedding Favors Finally Finished.

Well, I have finished the wedding favors I started a couple of weeks ago with my sister, and yes, I have finally learned the lesson of engaging my brain before my mouth! And, on top of that, I never want to see or smell another Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp again!
Scalloped circle wedding favors in bag
The last time you saw these little darlings they were sitting on my kitchen table all punched out and waiting to be stuck together. 
Scallop circle wedding favors
I have used  cello pretzel bags (from e-bay)  to put  the finished mints in.  It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but the sweets won’t be able move about in the bag when they are moved.
Tag at the top of scallop circle wedding favors

In all we covered 400 mints - to make up 100 bags.  That's 800 sets of scalloped circles, plain circles and flowers!  Mad? ....... Yes, absolutley barking!!! We have both now taken to howling at the moon!

To see the punches etc. that  I have  used  to make these favors just follow this link:-
You can order the scallop and plain circle punches from my friend Lisa

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Butterfly Birthday Card – 15 Today

Butterfly 15th Birthday card
This is a card I made for my niece’s 15th Birthday.
Butterfly Birthday Card
The numbers were cut on my Quickutz Silhouette and have been mounted on foam pads for extra dimension.  The butterflies have been made using my Martha Stewart punch with paper from a K & Co mini pad and  the flowers with a very small daisy punch.
Close Up of Butterfly Birthday card
The card has been finished with flat backed gems and faux stitching.

To Tracey & Paul:- The secret to my posting at 00.01 every night is scheduling .... I am not a mad woman blogging away into the early hours. I do most of my crafting and posting at the weekend .... so by scheduling I am not under pressure to create something every night after work.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Butterfly Wreath Birthday Card.

Butterfly Circle Card 1
My apologies as the glue was still wet when I took these photos and one jewel is decidedly wonky.
Butterfly Circle Card 2
I’ve used a variety of punches to make up this design
Picture 004
Picture 012

Friday, 28 May 2010

Index Card Holder Birthday Card

This is the sort of card that I would like to receive, plain , clean and definatley - a less is more card!
Card with Index Card Holder
I’ve used a cream linen card blank, a brass index holder, that I bought on e-bay ages ago, a paper daisy and some tiny flat backed pearls..
Close Up of Card using  Index Card Holder
The back plate is made using a Nestabilities label die cut on my big shot and backed with foam pads for extra dimension.  I had to fiddle about a bit on my computer to get the font just the right size to fit behind the holder.
To add a touch of sparkle I have given the daisy a light dusting of translucent micro glitter from Stampin' Up.
The font I have used is from "Two Pea In A Bucket" - called 2Peas Typo - it cost $2.99, (about £1.60?), they also have some very nice free fonts if you look in there digital section. I've used font size 11 and the colour is Pantone 479C.
I don't think I have ever mentioned that I put an insert in all my cards, hand cut and made using A4 copier paper, usually white or cream to match the card blank, occassionally I use other pastel colours to match an embellishment or background paper that I have used.  .... it just adds an extra touch of quality. 

Thursday, 27 May 2010

POUNDLAND - I've Made The Big Time ....... Well Nearly

I was Googling Poundland and just imagine my surprise when I found that I had been mentioned in the “Poundland Blog” – I feel famous!
“ I just have to mention Helen and her revamped Poundland Christmas stocking! Wow Helen, you have done a fab job! Make sure you check out Helen’s Its All Fiddle Fart Blog, as she has done some fab handy work on lots of things – great inspiration too.  Helen, we at Poundland HQ love your Poundland motto too – buy it now or you will never see it again.  It’s because our shoppers cannot believe the amazing value, so stock gets cleared very quickly we have to get more products in to fill the space.  It would be great to hear about any other Poundland items you have customised Helen”

Patchwork Butterfly Birthday Card

 Patchwork Card
Another simple card using my nine square layout.
Close Up of Butterfly patchwork Card
I’ve  used an assortment of punches to put it all together, including my new Martha Stewart punch.
Picture 014
I’ve  used Bazzill paper for the punchies from a stack from DCWV
Butterfly Patchwork Card
Small flat backed pearls and gems complete the design – sorry about the wet glue, I am always too eager to get things blogged!
Extra Info:- The card blank measures 5.25 x 5.25ins. When I am making the middle panel I glue the scalloped squares on a rough square first and then trim around it by eye on my Dhale cutter so it looks evenly centred.
The scalloped square punch measures approx 2cm x 2cm and is by docrafts Xcut.

Blog Award - boring bits about me, bulked up with a few of my favourite pictures that I haven’t had a chance to use ……. until now ……..

I have to confess that though I am always thrilled to bits to receive a Blog Award, I feel awful that I don't usually publically accept them, I am not being ungrateful or offish, it's just that they take a bit of time to do and I am always short of time and  I hate to do things half cock  ..... but I have decided that from now on I must acknowledge and link to my award giver because they have taken time and thought to nominate me  ..... and then in return I will share a little about myself  .... but I hope you don't mind if I don't pass the whole award on …….
Dummies in a window
Yesterday, I was  really chuffed to have an award from Jenny who writes a brilliant blog, which I often hop to - . Jenny got the award from Suzy , this is a new blog to me, but one I will be following from now on.
Picture 294
I get up at 5.30 each morning to do all the paperwork, accounts, etc. for our central heating business. I leave the house at 7.30 to get to my very busy, full time job as a Departmental Assistant at a “top” girls school, finishing at 5.00pm, so  you can  guess that I  am   pretty knackered, a trifle fatigued, by the time I get home ……………. but that’s boring stuff really …….
I love to take pictures of my husband pondering …….. this is on Chesil Beach last Whitsun …. and as I LOVE stones ….. what a BRILLIANT place …. there are millions!
I live to craft …… I tend to do most of it at the weekend and blog in bulk (which seems a bit like cheating, I know), but that way I don’t have the pressure of having to think of a new idea every day when I get in from work …… that would be pure madness and my blogging career would soon be over.  I guess I come up with 5/6 ideas per weekend, and always have my “ideas” book with me, even on holiday, just in case inspiration strikes.
lucy Lou
Our daughter is called Lucy, so this boat name caught my eye ….. we called her Lucy because as soon she was born she opened her wonderful blue eyes and had a good look around ….. Andy said ….. “Lucy in the skies with diamonds, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes”
In the past I didn’t keep a record of the things I’ve made, that is a HUGE regret, but since starting this blog in August 2009 that has all changed, now I blog everything.
Antony gormley head
I guess, secretly, I would like to be “discovered” and work full time in crafts. I would love someone to take me under their wing and guide me.  I have never done art properly, but think I could,  if I knew where to start, at the moment I just codge, do my own thing and it always seems to turn out ok ….. but I think I could do better.
If I hadn’t been born a human, I would have liked to have been born a mermaid …… then I could stroke fish!
I also write a second blog, “Mums Monkey”,  I started it about three years ago and then it sort of fizzled out until a lovely lady called Sarah found it, goodness knows how and e-mailed asking me to write some more ……. it really seems to have caught on, in 9 months he has had over 14,000 hits.  It’s a daft idea but I just like the way he looks at life because even the simplest thing is BRILLIANT and a  joy to him! I think the character of Monkey is based on my son when he was a little boy …. he thought a lot too!
another place 1
Other boring bits about me …… I love stones, glass bubbles, birdcages, nests, pearls, fish, fountain pens, bleached wood on beaches, wooden balls (??), wooden hearts, lanterns, fairy lights, my Chimes of Kyoto, linen/cotton scented candles, crabs, handmade paper, Jose Murinho, Lord Alan Sugar, Keith Richard, and sweets, except for jelly babies and Starburst type ones.
Picture 029
I don’t much like broad beans or the feel of wooden lolly sticks.
I hope I haven’t bored you too much!!!!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What’s on My Desk Wednesday – Matchbox Suitcase Dimensions.

Picture 254 
Well, I haven’t been shopping this week (yet!), so there isn’t  anything of an exciting nature on my desk ….. but a couple of ladies did ask me on Monday for the dimensions of my little matchbox suitcase …… I have tried to be as exact as I can, as this was originally a GSD file for my Quickutz Silhouette.
Picture 255
If you would like me to send you the file just e-mail me at
The file will cut two matchboxes at a time.
Picture 253
I just hope you can make sense of my manic measuring and scribbling!
The handle measure 9cm x 1cm and is scored 1cm, 1cm, 5cm, 1cm,1cm.
Top Tip – cut a piece of matching card to fit the bottom of the box to make it look extra “professional”
The card for this suitcase is gorgeous, I got it from Paper Box at NEC Hobby Crafts in March.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

One for the Boys - World Cup Sweetie/Favor Bags

World Cup England Sweetie Bags
This is what I have come up with using my Poundland and Home Bargains goodies from last weekend.
England World Cup Favor Bags
I fiddle farted for too long trying to incorporate a football background in the bag, but in the end decided to keep things very simple.
England World Cup Sweet favor Bags
The bag topper is made using a Nestabilities label die on my Big Shot
The footballers are so cute!
Picture 246
This is a less fussy idea – boys aren’t really into fancy toppers and stuff but I did think that this was a good idea for summer fetes etc. I've ferretted around the shops looking for England/World Cup sweets and then split the bags to make "party bags".  They contain a Swizzles Ref whistle (10 for £1) a Swizzles England lolly (10 for £1) a Poundland marshmallow footballer (8 for £1) and three chocolate footballs (Poundland or Home Bargains).
Picture 247 Picture 248
As the footballers are without a wrapper I have sealed them (using my bag sealer) in seperate pretzel cello bags available from e-bay.

After I had made a batch of bags I found some football table confetti, a sprinkle of which would have been a nice finishing touch to each bag IF had I added it!

Dandelion Clocks

I have been on lots of blogs this week that have featured photos of dandelion clocks ……. not to be outdone …… here’s mine….
Picture 177
They are so magical.
Picture 239
I have a BIG thing about them.  At the moment I am searching for just the right image to use on my glass tile pendants/fridge magnets, but so far nothing has been quite right.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Crafty Makes - Matchbox Suitcase

It’s funny how one idea triggers of another … I was thinking about the end of the school year when I make small and quirky, inexpensive gifts with a holiday theme for some of my colleagues
Jelly Babies, end of term gift, we're all going on our summer holidays 
This bag of jelly babies was my first idea, but it just looked  very naff and boring!
Then,  I remembered a matchbox template I had downloaded for my Quickutz silhouette ages ago (sorry I can’t remember where from).  I had to jiggle the template about a bit, but eventually cut out the bottom and the cover.  I  made the handle separately, by hand, with a bit of  trial and error.
Putting it together didn’t take very long at all, I just added a bit of faux stitching and a couple of corner peel offs. The handle is attached with small coloured brads.
The tag was made using the Stampin Up jewellery tag 117190 - £8.50 and available from my friend Lisa  (see Stampin Up link)
I am not sure what sort of sweets I am going to put in the box … obviously they can’t be too big. 
I thought I would cut out a small piece of  map to line the bottom of the compartment and also pop in a hand written note saying “ We’re all going on a summer holiday” etc.  …..

Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Holiday Toothbrush …..

As my sister would say, you have TOO much time on your hands……………………….. !
Remember my 2 for 10p toothbrushes from Asda a few weeks ago?
Handpainted Toothbrush (2)
Well, I used my Sharpies permanent pens on one of them to make me my holiday toothbrush …..
Handpainted Toothbrush handle
Complete with flat backed gems!
Handpainted Tooth Brush (1)
Wouldn’t little ones have a brilliant time designing their own? And perhaps it might make them want to brush their teeth a little more too.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Sorry, but I have had to add a bit of moderation to my comments process because  I am getting all sorts of rubbish from very strange websites, I hope this won't prevent you from commenting!

Last Bargain of the Week ….. from a funny Poundshop in Telford, that used to be a car showroom …..

Unaltered Brown Card Carry Case
This cardboard carry case was just £1.00 – I couldn’t resist it … I wish I was Linda
Carry case put together
…….. because she would turn it into something wonderful and Tim Holtzy.
It came flat but it didn’t take five minutes to put together to make this dinky case.

Two Smirk for Him Birthday Cards – Racing Driver and Golfer.

Smirk Racing Car card
I have made these cards using the SMIRK for Him decoupage pad (7.99) and background papers from a Dovecraft 6 x 6 pack of “Masculine” papers.
Smirk Golfer card
I have added a few embellishments like a tiny button to the golfers shirt and a small gem on the drivers top , the metal discs on the car are hot fix nail heads from, they are a brilliant online shop and P & P is always kept to a minimum.
  DCDP58 SMDG07Product