Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Fiddle Fart Posting For 2020 .......

With the festive season now over I am going to revert back to my normal three posts per week on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, this gives me a chance to build up a bank of scheduled posts to cover holidays etc. and also takes the pressure off me in feeling that I have to make something just to keep the whole shebang going, hope that's all right with you ...... 

Happy New Year - 2020

Another year ....... another fresh page in our lives ...... and another time to think ...... I am not making any resolutions that I know I won't keep, but Fiddle Fart wise, after a bit of a blog post overload because of Christmas, I will be going back to my normal "do-able" three posts per week with the occasional fourth one for charity shop finds, heads up and objects of desire etc.

I will also continue to "do" Christmas all the year round, whenever the crafty festive mood takes me.  I have Christmas posts that I still haven't published yet, I have blank Advent Calendars that have been under the bed for far too long and need doing and I still have ideas that I never got round to trying out, plus it's a good way to gradually build up a stock of cards, decorations etc. throughout the year without the crafty panic setting in in November/December.

However, I need to curb my crafty purchases, my cupboards are almost full to bursting and I don't want my hobby spilling into the other rooms in my flat.  I know there will be crafty things in the sales that I won't be able to resist, but a lot of the things I couldn't leave behind last year are still in the boxes I put them in, so, before I splurge out I need to think very carefully as to how I will use what I find and remember all the stuff I already have!

One of my first projects of the year (apart from the Advent Calendars) needs to be making up a pile of Christmas sampler frames (an idea from 2018),  using all the aperture photo frames I got for 25p each in the Poundland sale last year ........ they are taking up far too much room up under the bed in their  present unadorned state ...... when they are done however it will become a completely different, satisfying matter!
I had collected bits and pieces to go in them throughout the year, but never actually got round to putting them together, but thinking, probably too far in advance for most people, they will make decent fairing gifts for school and for those people who didn't get one first time around, there could also be one or two Easter ones to be done too.
It goes without saying that I also need to try and meet up with Marc a little more often, every six weeks would be lovely.  It's easier now that we can meet up for a day of charity shop and Poundland shopping when he is at the cottage in Worcester, but he really needs to come and have another week with me in Evesham, so that I can spoil him like he spoils me and treat him like the Princess that he is!!!!
And, on a more serious note ...... I am never far away from the memory of losing Andy (The Duke) eight years ago this coming May. It was sudden and without warning, one second he was busy at work measuring up for a new job and the next he was gone. The fragility of life has never left me for a single second since then, which is why I will now never go out without this plastic wallet, especially when I am out with Iris and Bertie ....................
It contains all the important contact telephone numbers/addresses should anything happen to me, including where to take them before anyone can get there.  It's an awful awful thought ........ perhaps I think too much, but heaven forbid, if anything did happen, can you imagine someone having to trawl through my phone to find out who I am and who my next of kin etc. are.

So, on that provoking thought ........