Sunday, 22 January 2017

Tiny Gingerbread Men In A Bottle Christmas Decoration.

I am not sure if I am going to make many bottle tree decorations this year as I was pretty bottled before Christmas which is probably why this one was left unfinished in the cupboard (until now), after I ran out of time and/or steam on the bottle front.
IMG_0333The gingerbread men are absolutely tiny and are actually sugar cake decorations, part of a dispenser of sugar strands and red, green and white balls  I found in Home Bargains for less than about 80p.
Tiny Gingerbreadmen in a bottleI simply wrapped a red cotton thread round the neck of the bottle and hid the knot with a very small, paper poinsettia embellishment.  The thread is red and white butchers twine which goes with the theme as does, I think, the attached silver jingle bell.
Tiny gingerbread men in a bottle Christmas Tree DecorationAs I say, at the moment I feel a little bottled out, however should I see any other inspiring tiny bits on my mooching expeditions that would fit, I wouldn’t rule out the idea out entirely.