Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Present for My Sister’s 50th Birthday

Picture 094
When my sister and I were looking around a very expensive shop in Manchester before Christmas we saw some  “tool boxes” full of retro sweets, but they cost stupid money!
Picture 093
….. But I liked the idea and kept it in mind, so when I saw these boxes in a Poundshop recently I just had to buy a few to keep for an appropriate moment. The appropriate moment has come.
I got a variety of sweets and sealed them in small cello bags using my bag sealer so that  each packet  fitted the compartments exactly.
Jans Suck Box
I then decorated the outside of the box using self adhesive alphabet letters and punched flowers.

What’s On My Desk Wednesday

Well, there isn’t much on my desk today, because I haven’t been out shopping because I have been saving my money for Saturday, when I am off to NEC Hobbycrafts  with Lisa, where we will hopefully meet up with new friends we have made via our blogs, which is very, exciting.
So all I can offer you today is my NEC shopping list, which Lisa says is the same each time we go – these are my basics that I need all the time – but, when I see what else there is on offer, naturally, the list is added too …..
 NEC Shopping List
My sister found these new stickers for me in Accessorize, the prices are creeping up – boo, the teapot set is £2 and the Easter ones are £1.75
Picture 019
 Picture 025 Picture 026
These chicks are cute from Clintons, I like them because they are woolly rather than wiry.
Picture 021
These small ice cube trays are very cute too, from Poundland, and yes, you get both sets!
Picture 022 Picture 024
I am going to try them with melted chocolate because I think they will be great in sweetie bags.