Sunday, 12 October 2014

Stampin Up Christmas Decoration/Favour Box

Marc and I LOVE the idea of the Stampin Up matchbox die that my son paid stupid money for a couple of Christmases ago …… but to be honest, we have never perfected putting the inside tray together. When Marc and I were making them for a friends wedding earlier this year the air became quite blue and several ended up binned in our frustration!Then…..  the other night I decided to You Tube it …… why didn’t I just do that at the start of my/our frustrations? Sometimes I can be so stupid I don’t even believe it  myself????
But finally I can put the tray together without swearing and fiddling for far too long! I was so determined this time because I had set my heart on making hanging Christmas tree decorations to put mini Lindtt bears in. So ….. now  there will be no stopping me!
My first attempt at a finished box is admittedly very plain ….. but I think the ideas will flow as I plan to treat the outside panels (above) as very small Christmas cards using some/all of the many, small Christmas embellishments I have had for far too long. 
To make the hanger, I set an eyelet using my Crop-O-Dile in the top of the matchbox die and threading a red ribbon through it.
I also lined the tray with a scrap of card from the box sleeve ……
……. and two Lindtt bears fit perfectly in the box. Dead chuffed. As I said now I can finally put the bones together I can run with designs!