Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Shop Shop Shopping in Evesham

Today, an object of desire, a considered purchase and the one that got away ………..
mirrorI just fell in love with this mirror …….. but, had I got a space for it (which I don’t) it was made of, I think, cast iron, so it would have undoubtedly taken down whatever wall I had the urge to hang it on.  At £150 I thought it was a bargain, but on this occasion not for me or my walls.  Please excuse my flip flopped feet, I am desperately trying to break in a pair of Sketchers for my walks back and forth to nursery, after 20 mins I has two blisters, I knew I would, so the flip flops were thankfully packed in my shopping trolley for such an anticipated discomfort! I HATE shoes with a vengeance!
IMG_3718I did however buy a set of six matching pressed glass sundae dishes, something I have been looking for for ages to go with my old fashioned Royal Doulton Minden dinner service for strawberries and cream.  These were perfect  and at just 20p each, it’s sinful really! They had at least another eight, and I am sort of regretting not getting another two for when I have a few extra guests, but hey ho!  And the one that got away?  ……….
IMG_3701…….. this humungous “wooden” bowl, perfect for Decopatching ……. and only £2, but just too huge to keep anywhere in my bijoux flat, I don’t even have any space left under the beds anymore.  I can hear Marc saying now, “ ….. you should have bought that gal, £2?  Oh my god!”   I tell you, it was so big you could have turned it into a coffee table, and I dare say I will one day regret not buying it, if only to store in Marc’s garage at the cottage for us to work on one weekend, again, another hey ho moment!