Monday, 17 November 2014

Tiny I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas Bottle Tree Decoration

Oh my life, if you only knew how many times I fiddled and farted with this idea to get it right!!!!!  Nothing I tried looked right.
The corked bottle came from The Works and is approximately 4cms tall (pack of 6 for 99p). The first thing I made was label, but forgive me, I don’t have the file on this computer and so cannot remember the name of the font or size, but believe me it’s small! I made a whole sheet of them, just in case I want to make some more bottles.
On the cork I used a small silver spacer bead cap with a silver screw eyelet for the thread, and then added a tiny, white snowflake button. I tried all sorts of thread, but in the end the only one that was soft and pliable enough for the hanger and round the top of the bottle was white embroidery cotton.
Round the top of the bottle I wound more cotton and then attached a small metal snowflake charm and tiny blue bead to add a touch of colour.
I filled the bottle about half way with tiny polystyrene balls that I have had for years and a few hologram stars.
Now that I have the first one made and the formula to do it sorted I am planning on making a few more …….
But ……  what I am really desperate to make is something like this (below)  ……. using what I believe are called bottle brush trees and which are impossible to find in UK.
I finally found some from US on Etsy where not only was the price reasonable but so was the postage and anxiously await their arrival  …… On one occasion, thinking I had found what I was looking for by the shed load I blithely filled my basket, only to find at the checkout that the postage was $36 …… double the cost of my shopping!!!!
I think I may have start a campaign to bring the miniature bottle brush tree to British crafting …… you watch next year they will be everywhere!!!!