Friday, 13 November 2009

Taking A Break

I have made a decision!
I have decided not to take any more orders for cards for a while.  Blogging has made me realise just how much I like making things and playing with papers, stamps embellishments etc., but it seemed that all my time was being  taken up with orders.  For the past few weeks I have looked at my order book and thought “I really don’t want to make you” , and it made me quite grumpy.
Yesterday I apologised for the first time and explained that I was taking a break, I felt awful, but relieved too!
I have a box in the staffroom where I work and I intend to keep it topped up with my latest cards and craft projects (after blogging them first!) and see what goes and what doesn’t .  This week “Snowman Soup and Jingle Beans Sweetie Jars have just flown out  …….

Variations on a Theme

Picture 227
Picture 230
This is a selection of cards I have made using a pack of 3D stickers from Hobbycraft, (there are 2 x 4 designs in a pack costing £1.49), the paper I have used is Daisy and Dandelion Christmas Collection – Winters Tale.
 Picture 232
At the moment I am making batches of cards for work etc. so it is easier and quicker, to follow the same design, if it suits the embellishments.
 Picture 231
Aghhhh, you can see how fresh these cards are, the glue is still wet on the penguin one!