Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Jewelled Snowman Christmas Card

This card measures 6ins x 6ins.
Jewelled snowman cardOh my goodness, what was I thinking (above)? I was trying to do something a little different from my normal less is more style, in an effort to use up some of the bits and pieces, like the snowman and corner peel offs that I’ve had for ages but never used, but somewhere along the line something went very hideously wrong ……
jewelled snowman Christmas Cardjewelled snowflake christmas card
……  it was the addition of the Poundland, self adhesive strips of clear gems!!!  Too much, far too much!
Much better gingham christmas cardI just couldn’t live with it, so I carefully removed the central panel and cut a 6ins x 6ins grey gingham card blank to stick it on to……
Grey gingham jewelled snowman christmas cardPhew, much better, a still a little fussy for me perhaps, but much, much better!!!!