Monday, 24 March 2014

Elizabeth Shaw Bunny Mint Favours

Come on, with Easter next on our crafting calendars did you really think I wouldn’t do something with my crafty confectionary staple Elizabeth Shaw mints?!!!!!!
Easter Bunny Mints
I try to stock up on the mints whenever see them in Home Bargains or B M Bargains at around £1.99 a box, especially as they always seem to have the milk chocolate ones, which are my personal favourite, dark chocolate is an acquired taste for me I am afraid. I know one day this source will more than likely dry up and then I will have to try and find them in the supermarkets for close on double the price, so I always check the “use by date” and then buy enough for a couple or three projects.
So, once more, I have got my old faithful, umpteen years old Stampin’ Up scalloped and plain circle out and got punching, in pink and yellow pastels for the outside, and Boofle 6” x 6” papers for the middle.
Easter Bunny Mints.png1Easter Bunny Mints 2
I am a fairly patient person ….. but after a while doing all the dots and faux stitching on both sides of the mints does begin to rankle and I just want to get them done!
Easter Bunny Mints 4
Then comes the writing bit, when I start just pray that I can get it pretty well centred first time, and not have to chuck too many in the bin to get them just right.
Easter Bunny Mints 3
Then,  all I have to do is sandwich them altogether, using double-sided tape ….. I am not sure how I am going to package them up to give as presents at Easter ….. but I do have a few organza bags from way back when (…somewhere …..) that need using up!