Monday, 13 May 2013

Altered Poundshop Clock

I cannot believe I didn’t take any pictures of this clock as I was working on it, what am I like?
The clock came from the Poundland Mothers Day range, Marc spotted it on the website and said it would be perfect for altering.
Poundland Altered Clock. 3
The only thing that needed to be done to prepare it was to remove the wooden motif and then a bit of sanding to smooth over where it had been.
After that I just doodled basic flower and leaf shapes straight onto the clock using Promarker pens, then outlining and adding detail to them in black,  as well as filling in any gaps,  before applying a couple of coats of quick drying glossy varnish.
Poundland Altered Clock. 1Poundland Altered Clock. 2
When the varnish was dry I couldn’t help myself by just outlining the design again in white using a white Pilot Super Colour pen before a couple more coats of varnish with a little ultra fine iridescent glitter added for a fairy lustre effect.
Poundland Altered Clock. 4
And finally ……. small, very sparkly flat backed gems round the dial ….. done and dusted and now sitting in one of the partitions of my what not shelf on my desk.
I just wish I had bought a couple more of these clocks ….. because now I can think of lots of other ways to decorate them ….. I am thinking way ahead to Christmas …. and can just see one painted with a blue sky, stars, glittery snow and a couple of cute snowmen standing at the bottom …… !