Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sour Cream Container – Party Bags

Sour Cream Container Party Bags
This idea follows my recent acquisition of 100 paper candy striped, sweet bags from e-bay (7ins x 5ins), it’s an idea I have used a few times over the years, but not using a “ready made” bag.
I trimmed about an 1 – 1.5ins from the top of the bag, only to make the finished carton smaller, I could have used the bag as it was.
Then, to make the jubbly carton type shape I squeezed the sides of the bag together ….
……. at this point you would fill the carton/bag with sweets etc. and then stick the edges together to seal the carton/bag, I just used a few dabs of pva glue…..
Sour Cream Container Party Bags.1…. and when dry I just added a bow …. done and dusted and very simples!