Thursday, 18 December 2014

“The Boyz” Christmas Card 2014

This card measures 6ins x 6ins and was a nightmare to get right!!!
Firstly this wasn’t the picture I intended to use, I had a lovely picture of “The Boyz” being snow angels, but the reproduction just wasn’t right as I had compressed it, to put on their blog, doh!
So, then I had to “arrange” a Hello Magazine photo shoot” with them, but as I was doing it in November, I didn’t have a festive back drop to use and them just sat sitting on my stairs just looked deathly dull, even with the help of a piece of Poundshop tinsel!
And so reluctantly, as it isn’t an activity I particularly enjoy, I decided to cut away the boring bits using the Paint programme on my computer, which gave me a blank canvas to work on ……download……. and allow me to superimpose the monkeys onto a new,  more festive backgroundXmas Card for Xmas Day BlogI can’t believe it came out so well and that you can’t see the join!  But putting a card together using the picture was the nightmare. There were too many colours, on plain, white card blank it looked like something was missing but on a patterned card it looked far too busy! Agh!!! After over two hours and only a bin full of rejects to show for my toils, I was still tearing my hair out and resorted to looking at card layouts, which helped, in a round about way.But, after a little more frustration, a card finally emerged …… with a card blank cut from this A4 pad of glossy, green card (above) I got from a market for £3 a couple of years ago, and the picture mat and layered on more of the green card then silver, plus i.5 ins strips of silver down the side and a sentiment made using The Dukes old Dymo tape maker. Phew!!!
It’s very different from The Boyz past Christmas cards. It’s contemporay and I think it works …. but lesson learned, at the first sign of any snow I need to get those Monkeys out there, in their Christmas jumpers and take as many pictures as I can …. and just keep them until I need them next Christmas, as I now know it’s much easier to work with/on white!!!!