Friday, 11 August 2017

Christmas House Tags

The jury’s out on these tags, I confess I got carried away, but for me the results are just too over the top. I don’t think all the silver filigree works, but then again I am very less is more, and for some people, especially at Christmas, a little more is never enough!
IMG_3786I used children’s wooden picture dominoes as a base of the tags, something strong and long lasting, so that perhaps they can be hung on the Christmas tree in the the future, as a memory of Christmas 2017.
I stamped the Stampin’Up house stamps directly onto rolled out, beige coloured Fimo, which were carefully cut out and baked.
IMG_3724When the Fimo  houses were “cooked” the tags were gradually built up, it was at the final stage that I got a little unstuck, there was too much empty space and I was determined to fill it ……..
Christmas House Tag…… but it all became a bit pearls and filigree akimbo …. plus for good measure, a path of Ranger Enamel Accents! Hmmmmm, too much, too much!
House In The Snow Christmas TagI wonder if the houses may have looked more subtle against the blue and white if I had used a pale grey Fimo instead, as an experiment I coloured one in with a grey Sharpie pen, and I am still not sure!
I left the sides and back as they were showing the natural wood, although I did do a little faux stitching, using a black fine liner pen round the edges of the back to give the tags a more finished look.
There’s lots of ifs and buts  with this idea that I could twiddle with, flatter, silver peel offs in the corners perhaps, a sentiment at the bottom ….. if I wanted,  however on this occasion, this is not a project I think I will be revisiting.