Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas Poop Favor/Treat Bags

I have jumped onto the festive poop bandwagon. I had resisted such a long time ..... but market forces and all that ............ once it was in the staffroom I just could not produce enough! I am now totally pooped out!

This is what I have come up with using Poundland jumbo chocolate coated raisins and Accessorize christmas stickers

Reindeer poop
Penguin Close-UpReindeer Close Up 
 Picture 358

The vacumn sealer below has been a brilliant buy for making sweetie bags, I really prefer to use wrapped sweets but sometimes this isn’t possible.  I bought it off E-bay for about £14.99 a couple of months ago.  I only tend to use the sealer option. What I like best is the fact that if I put a few sweets at the bottom of a tall cello bag, when it seals and cuts off at the top, the remains of the bag are sealed at the bottom too, effectively giving me two bags from one (I hope that makes sense!)

Picture 337
The contents of the sweetie cupboard in my craftroom, – all ready to make sweetie bags, snowman soup and fill jingle beans jars (see October archive)

Picture 332