Friday, 19 December 2014

The PE Lady’s Christmas Booties

So ……. just how cute are these booties?  How could I resist?
Knitted by our beloved PE Lady, I had to have them for Iris’s first Christmas.  Sorry,  I don’t have the pattern, I just wanted to show them to you.
2015, I suspect, will be the year when I finally pick up my knitting needles again. There was once a time in my life, when Tom and Lucy,were small, that I was never without any knitting …… in fact Lucy was always known at playgroup as the little girl with the lovely jumpers!!! So, with many beautiful wools and patterns in the shops now, and knitting being an on trend sort of hobby, I think that between the Equally Lovely Granny Denise and I, Iris will be able to take on Lucy’s mantle and become the next little girl with the lovely jumpers and cardigans!!