Friday, 3 April 2015

Dandelion Seed Wish Bottle

Sometimes I come back to things years after I first made them.
I remember desperately wanting to make some wish bottles by putting dandelion seeds inside them but was very disappointed with the results, as you could hardly see the seeds …..
…… however, after a couple of years on my shelf, the seeds have now dried to give the effect that I was initially looking for, but which still proves to be almost impossible to capture using my humble camera.I have wrapped a length of cream cotton thread round the top of the bottle, adding a silver wish and star charm…………… and stuck a silver spacer bead on the cork using a flat backed pearl to cover the hole.
I think perhaps now I should have put an eye in the middle of the spacer and a thread so that it could be hung up, put on a keyring or even worn,  maybe next time.
Now I am all enthused,  I need to collect more dandelion clocks, but need to find a much faster way to dry them!!!