Saturday, 11 March 2017

Easter Bunny Hair Clips For Iris Roo

I bought these Easter Bunny self adhesive, felt stickers from Yellow Moon (sadly these particular stickers are no longer available, but new Easter designs are, from Baker Ross)  and I got to wondering if they would work if I put them on a couple of hair clips for Iris Roo to wear to Nursery in the run up to Easter, us Geddes’s …… we love to work to a theme!
Easter Bunny hairslides cEaster Bunny Hairslides d
The stickers are really good quality, well printed and made using a nice felt type fabric.
Baker Ross Felt Easter Bunny stickers To make the rabbits look “professional” I decided to make them double sided, taking off the paper backing and sticking the rabbit heads onto some coordinating adhesive fabric from The Works…….
Easter Bunny Hairslides aEaster Bunny hairslides b
……… and then carefully cutting round them.
Easter Bunny Hairslides .fEaster Bunny Hairslides. e
I glued the back of the rabbits head onto a matching pink hair clip, pink being Madam’s colour of choice, with E6000 glue as I wanted them to be as firmly attached as possible.
Hairside cardIMG_1315
I then made a presentation card to put the clips on in the form of a tag, putting two slits down the middle to hold the clips in place and using some of the adhesive fabric from the back of the rabbit to carry the theme through.
I have resisted, but only by the skin of my teeth, adding googly eyes, I have a lot of rabbits leftover, so I think it’s inevitable that when I make a few more they will be getting eyes.
The carrots in the set are also very cute, so I am now need an idea for how to use them.
This is the first time I have ever made anything like this, however I can already see endless possibilities for all occasions, and it’s also when my mind is buzzing I miss the pound shops and Primark of Wolverhampton!