Thursday, 23 September 2010

Book of Spells Box

 Book Of Spells Box 9
There’s been a bit of natter on my chat widget about ‘scary hands’, so I have bought this post forward to show you what we’ve been on about and what I have made with my hands, if you’ll pardon the pun! ……
Picture 424 Picture 425
Someone had asked on UKScrappers if anyone knew where to get scary hands from, and I realised I’d seen them in Poundworld and had dismissed them because I couldn’t think what to do with them, DOH!
Book of Spells Box So I went back and had another look.  There are ten in a pack and are a rigid plastic, where originally I thought they were rubbery.
Book of Spells Box 3
Once I got them home my mind went wild, and as you can see I have come right out of my crafting comfort zone for this idea!
Book of Spells Box 4
It’s basically a box in the shape of a book.
Picture 508
I made a tray in gold card and a book cover in a really thick black card, getting it to be a perfect fit took several attempts, and made my gums itch when I couldn’t get it right!
Picture 511
Before I stuck it altogether I added a ribbon for a page marker, down the spine on the book.
Book of Spells Box 5
The rest was just a lot of fiddle farting, I used a hot glue gun to stick the hand on a strip of gold card to make the clasp. The strip came round from the back, joining the front and back together and then onto the front. I glued Velcro tape on the back of the foil under the hand and on the front to the box, to keep the clasp in position. (I hope that makes sense)
Book of Spells Box 6
I also hope the pictures help to show you how I’ve made it  …….. as it’s a bit hard to describe.
Book of Spells Box 7
I’ve used craft chalk to age the book, rubbing in shades of brown, green and mustard with my fingers, plus translucent micro glitter for a magical sparkle. I’m not sure if I could make the box again ….. it could be a one and only!