Monday, 22 September 2014

Tealight Lanterns

I am sooooo pleased with how these tealight holders turned out, as they were just made on a whim …..
lace tealight holder. craftsLace effect tealight holder
I’d found a few empty coffee jars in the staffroom at work and thought Halloween ….. but I thought I might be able to do something a bit more special else with a couple of the Douwe Egberts ones as they are such a lovely shape and have a plain top as they have a stopper rather than a screw top.
lace effect paperThen, a voice in my head reminded me of some lace papers that I know I have had stashed away, untouched, since I bought them at least ten/twelve years ago …… if only I could remember where …… after about 15mins I found them, if my idea worked they would be perfect ……….
lace tea light holderI cut a piece of each paper to fit each jar, and then sprayed it with a little adhesive spray and gently eased it round each jar as carefully as I could praying that it wouldn’t tear …….
lace tealight holder……… but, despite it’s fragile appearance the paper was quite robust . Once in place I then painted the paper with a layer of PVA. This was when I started praying as it all looked awfully thick and lumpy …. I knew that PVA dries clear ….. but I hoped the delicate effect of the paper wouldn’t be lost.
lace tea light holder..lace tealight holder..
It wasn’t …… but no matter how I have tried to take a “decent” picture, none  do justice to the finished effect, made subtly sparkly by rubbing translucent micro glitter all over just after they felt dry, and miraculously it stuck.
Lace effect tealight holdersI then added some fluffy rustic twine round the top with a mother of pearl button, I am so, so, chuffed!