Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I Love Mr Fiddle Fart (The Duke)

andys nokia 451
Look what Mr Fiddle Fart has given me ….. I am so thrilled …. I wanted a Polaroid camera so that I can go out with my Smashbook, capture the moment and then instantly stick in the picture…. digital cameras are brilliant but this is the dogsdoodahs!!!

What Are You Lot Like

I love each and everyone of my followers, you are all so wonderful xxxxx ….. So imagine my surprise yesterday, when I got in from work (knackered) and I found a small packet on the mat and was a little puzzled as I didn’t recognise the address on the back …. but on opening it I found it was from Paula ……

andys nokia 444

…… it contained the loveliest note ever and a gorgeous stamp.  I am so touched that on an exciting visit to a Stamping Festival Paula thought of me ….. I make no apologies for saying I am very moist eyed as I write this.  Thank you sooooooo much Paula ….. you’ll never know how much this means to me and will be treasured….. xxxx

Cath Kidston Keepsake House - Part 2

andys nokia 374
Progress has been a bit slow because now that all the drawers have been covered and several coats of clear varnish applied it is only the twiddly fiddly things that are left to be done, but, due to the fussy nature of the paper, I have decided, after some trial and error, to adopt a very less is more approach, so I am thinking very carefully about what else to use to embellishment it any further.
Cath Kidston Giftwrap
So far I’ve used half a width of some self adhesive, lace effect, border tape from Paper Cellar round the top part of the house, with real narrow cream lace over it to add layers and to hid the joins. I’ve also put the lace round the chimney, and across top and bottom edges of the roof. I have left it at that for the moment as I am on the look out for some red buttons to add, one large one for the centre (again to hid the joins) and some smaller matching ones to go at measured distances across the lace, but I need to get the colours/design/style just right to fit in with the theme. At the moment I am carrying a sample of the paper in my purse wherever I go, something with birds on would be perfect.
andys nokia 377
I’ve made the drawer pulls using small green wooden beads from a Poundshop necklace with a square clear flat backed gems glued over the holes.
Cath Kidston Keepsake House 1
All that’s left to do is put a square of the left over paper in the bottom of each drawer to finish them off ……
Cath Kidston keepsake drawers
…… find the right buttons and think about how to embellish the star shaped drawer at the top (if I decide it really needs something) and the bottom panel on the right hand side. …….. thinks ……