Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Clippy London Customisable Bags

Clippy London 1
One of the MANY things on my Wish List/Objects of Desire for a long time has been a Clippy Bag after seeing them in a gift shop at a Craft Centre, I think it’s because I have a big thing about pockets and little bitty things!
So you can imagine my excitement when Connie from ClippyLondon e-mailed me out of the blue to say that she’d read my blog and thought that Clippy bags would be the perfect thing for me to review. She then asked if there was anything Clippy that I would like to have a look at and play with ……. oh my life ….. is the Pope Catholic? I didn’t need to be asked twice.
Clippy London 2
I spent a long time looking at all the lovely stuff, but the final choice was hard, as I really fancied the pink tote bag but decided that as I was writing a review the Clippy Make Up bag would be the best choice, as it only had four pockets and I knew that it wouldn’t take me too long to personalise and show to you. I also asked for a packet of the Desperate Housewives stickers ( £4.00) as I am more of a stranger to the feather duster and rubber gloves than I ought to be and thought that I might be able to do something funny with them.
The bag, which retails at £10 measures 8ins x 5.5ins so there is plenty of room for all my slap! The plastic is sturdy, strong and very good quality. The gold trim and zip are well sewn and blingtastically gold and shiny. I did wonder how I would be able to get my photos/inserts for the four pockets just the right size; I needn’t have worried because part of the packaging includes a template, so I can get a perfect fit each time, which is brilliant.
My bag arrived last Friday so I have put these three examples together very quickly, because I was anxious to show you the bag and just how versatile it is. There are four pockets on the bag …. but again for speed I have just done the front two.
Clippy make Up bag
I used  the Desperate Housewife stickers first. I looked on Google to find pictures of an original Sixties kitchen and bathroom, putting the apron, rubber gloves and feather duster with the kitchen and the champagne, shoes and perfume in the bathroom …. with the words ….. “Desperate housewife …. seeks lap of luxury!”  as that pretty much sums me up!
Clippy Bag
As I have started writing my Christmas posts, I thought it would be nice to include a Christmas idea using some Forever Friends 3D stickers and Papermania Christmas papers.
And finally, probably my favourite pockets, which took a matter of minutes, but if I say so myself it looks pretty classy.  All I have used is a flowery patterned paper with self adhesive glitter flowers and clear flat backed gems.
Clippy make Up Bag 2
I can think of so many more ideas, and that’s the beauty of the bag, when you are tired of one design you just make up another set of pockets.
If I have tempted you into having a look at the ClippyLondon website and perchance something should accidently fall into your basket, ClippyLondon are offering a 10% discount voucher code to all my readers, just type in HELLO10 at the checkout…… and wayheeeeeyyy!
image004 image005
And now a bit of a sneak preview as we are all starting to get a little bit festive, these are not on the website yet, as they are so new but ClippyLondon will soon be releasing their Advent Calendars Trim the Tree and a Gingerbread House……. and it doesn’t take too much to work out which one I fancy!
ClippyLondon also have a Facebook page where there are always competitions and discount codes which might also be worth having a look at.