Monday, 26 November 2018

Mistle-Toes Sock Pack Band

Socks can, admittedly, be a bit boring as a festive gift, but as plain, black ones are on both my nieces Christmas present lists this year, I felt it was my duty to find a way to tart them up for the big day.
MIstle Toes Sock Pack Band.
The Mistle-Toe idea isn’t mine, I found it on Pinterest, but I am not sure if anyone else has come up with the idea of putting the sentiment on the band of a multi pack of socks.
I started by taking the original band off the socks to use as a template, cutting out new strips of white  card and then matching the score marks up on my box score board.
Then I measured the front panel and used the measurements to create a text box in Publisher 2003, using  alternate red and green letters in CandystripeFont (size 20) to make the sentiment.  I then printed off a whole sheet of them, as I wanted to put one on the front and the back and have a few spares just in case.
Mistle toes
I cut out two of the boxes and glued them to one of the bands.
IMG_9265MIstle Toes Sock Pack Band
A little faux stitching never goes amiss ………
Mistle Toes sock Band
…… and neither does the odd flat back star or two.
MIstle Toes Sock Pack Band.
I used double sided tape down the side to secure the band together.  I’m dead chuffed, at least these socks don’t look quite so functional just this once.