Monday, 13 August 2018

To Blog Or Not To Blog …… That Is The Question !!!!!!

I know …… I have been a very long time away not posting and yes, as many of you presumed through your lovely comments (thank you) that I’ve been off and away doing lovely things, putting crafting and blogging on the back burner.


It’s been a GOOD three months or so, when I celebrated my second year in Evesham, joined Slimming World (2 stone down so far), spent a wonderful week in Crete etc. etc., oh and I made the wedding invites for my nephew’s wedding, but more of that project in my next post.


I have been very spoilt in the past having a “proper” craft room where I could just pick up a project whenever I wanted and then shut the door, now living in a small flat I have found that in order to craft two rooms get trashed. I am not a neat worker and as my mind flies here, there and everywhere box after box are opened and the contents scattered and to be honest the tidying up after a “session” got me down a little.


I admit that when I first moved I rushed getting my second bedroom done, having little ones frequently sleeping over and friends/family staying over at least once a month I really needed a bed and a few bits of furniture in there, but, if I could do it all again I think I would have taken my time in designing it as a comfy craft room which included a sofa bed that could be folded away when not in use.


However, in May I had yet another re-think, even as it was the room, for me, didn’t flow, I never really liked the Ikea drawers I had put in there, the bedside ones were too low and the unit I had built on the wall opposite the bed just jarred on me each time I went in the room (as demonstrated by Darrell) ……..


So I got the wonderful Mr Pete to come back and build new drawers either side of the bed to fit in with the shelf unit he had built last year and then, in my head, I wanted something that looked a bit like a dresser on the opposite side of the room to house all the boxes of craft stuff that were under the bed.  I tried to describe to poor Pete what was in my head and unbelievably he was able to draw a sketch, sighing at my need for crystal knobs and the rest is history.  When I got back from Crete Pete had worked his magic.


I am thrilled, there is now only one box now under the bed, everything else is neatly put away and easily assessable, although I need to start labelling some of the boxes. I can now collect stuff from the drawers and cupboards without wrecking the room.


So that’s got you up to speed. In September Iris starts school. I know, where has the time gone …. and Bertie, bless him, starts nursery, which means a bit more walking for me as Evesham doesn’t have the buses that Wolverhampton does, and my three days now increases to four days with them.  I can’t promise a post every Monday, but I have a couple of projects to post and with September heralding my busiest crafting period, I hope to follow on from these posts leading up to Christmas.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Tonertex Glitters – Flamingo Bag

When Marc and I went to Crafting Live at Malvern I treated myself to a selection of Tonertex pens, foils, glitter and glue.  I must have seen this company a million times at various shows over the years, but this was the first time I had ever been tempted to get my money out. I have always wanted to “embellish” a faux or leather jacket for Iris and or Bertie, if ever I can find a suitable one/two in a charity shop, and this seemed the way to go.
However the glue and glitters first outing was on something completely different, i.e this jute bag I found in my favourite charity shop for just 60p, flamingos are so on trend at the moment, it was a no brainer.
I started by applying the Tonertex glue on the flamingos and heart …….
…….. leaving it for about 10 to 15 minutes before applying the fuchsia coloured glitter.  I admit I was sceptical as to how it might turn out but resisted the temptation to fiddle with it until in the morning when it was dry ……….
I was thrilled with the result.  The bottom of the left hand flamingo’s neck in the picture was a bit dodgy as you can see, but I was able to remove the excess glitter and glue quite easily using a craft knife, making the edge rounder to match the other one without ruining the whole effect.
And ……. the glitter just doesn’t rub off, how brilliant is that! It does exactly what it says on the packet! All I had to do was brush off the excess glitter from the bag itself and add two black flat back gems for the eyes.
Now, the bag is double sided so I need to repeat the exercise again, but as I don’t have enough glitter left to do it, I’ve had to order another pot from the Tonertex website.  I wanted a new beach bag for my Greek Odyssey this year, and I reckon I’ve got one!

Monday, 30 April 2018

A Bits and Pieces Sort Of A Post

There was an extra bonus to Marc’s and my visit to Crafting Live at Malvern ….. while we were having a much needed cup of tea and waiting to be picked up we noticed that people were leaving the hall with large smiles and what looked like the boxes of the card/paper/kits that had been given as complimentary gifts at the start of the day. At first we just watched, we were happy with the box we had each received, both containing A4 wood patterned paper …… but then we got a little curiouser, before finally deciding that we may as well go see what was going on.
Well, what’s a poor boy and girl to do? We both came back with a pile of extra boxes, rather than take them all back to wherever the organisers were giving the packs away to anyone who wanted them.
You name it, we got it, glitter, metallic and patterned card ……….
…….. plus a couple of card making kits …….
…… including a “wobble” card kit.  When we got back we decided to split the contents so that we both got a bit of everything ….. and after sorting through again, I decided to give the papers that I know I won’t use to Iris’s nursery school, as they are always crying out for materials, so it was win win situation all the way round.
And …….. this is a stemmed dish Marc created marrying a small (upside down) vase with a glass bowl, gluing with E6000.  It was sitting on the sideboard at the cottage and had me completely fooled when I admired it, it was only when Marc told me what he’d done that I cottoned on.  What a brilliant idea!
As you know, I have decorated my bathroom shelves with decanters (filled with bubble bath) that I have found in the various charity shops of Evesham. If I occassionally find a prettier, more unusual shaped one I then replace it for one of the plainer ones, so long as it costs less than about £2.
In the Crafters Companion CafĂ© they used decanters that have lost their stoppers as vases with paper flowers in them.  All the plates, cup and saucers and mugs are also “found” treasures, it all looks so cute, especially against all the country style furniture.
And finally an object of desire ……… I haven't got a single spare spot in my bijoux flat, but I just love this painted, metal flamingo, believe me, if I had any where it would fit, it would  be mine!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Marc and I – Soldering Yet Again at Crafting Live, Malvern.

Following our day scrapbooking at Crafters Companion, Marc and I moved on to Crafting Live at Malvern with Create and Craft the following day.
I have to say that after my past disappointment at the Hobbycraft Show at the NEC it was a very pleasant day ……..
…… where we got to see the various Create and Craft programmes going out live which was interesting in itself.
It was also comfortable to get around, there were enough stalls with a good range of different products and you could look at things properly without being pushed and shoved and your ankles bashed!  There were an awful lot of dies and stamps, but I was still able to stock up on all the card colours I needed and treat myself to a few other bits and pieces (including some Tonerflex foils and accoutrements) and Marc could have a good look at the Screen Sensations stall, although I think he must almost have all the screens they have.  
There were also plenty of Make and Take Workshops, but in the end nothing really called our names ……
……. then we spotted Glass Garden Studio who were doing workshops that included soldering, something we have both tried so many times but with mixed results.  Well, it was a no brainer and Marc treated us both to the Bunting Workshop – their example shown below.
With an excellent tutor putting on the copper tape was a doddle …….
The soldering wasn’t as much, but we had all the proper tools to use and yes, with practice (Marc bought the soldering iron and solder for future playing) I think it’s something I could now finally master ……..
……. especially minus the large audience that built up around me while doing it!  Also, on the plus side, Marc did manage to sell a couple of extra workshop tickets to said audience as we were working!  What is he like?
glass bunting 
It was a confidence boosting experience, just learning how to hold the soldering iron properly was so worth it.  I have the bunting safely put away, I think I could add a few little bits to it ….. and then find somewhere to hang it, most probably in my guest room.  Happy Days

Monday, 23 April 2018

Scrapbooking With Michelle Jackson Mugford at Crafters Companion, Evesham

Another apology from me, this time for only just posting Marc’s and my day scrapbooking at Crafters Companion, Evesham with Michelle Jackson-Mugford, blame three busy weekend on the trot!
download (1)craft
The day started off a little fraught for Michelle as she got stuck in traffic on her journey down, hardly able to move for hours, finally arriving, poor lady, four hours late, but despite that we had a BRILLIANT day, the staff of Crafters Companion were so hospitable and Michelle a real trooper.
Michelle gave us a choice of one of her scrapbooking kits, accompanied by a detailed instruction sheet to get us started on the background for our page and then, using the smaller embellishment elements we were left to soar!
The kit Marc and I choose had a sort of potting shed/garden theme, so I am glad I took, among others, a picture of Bertie in his rabbit ears …… which made me think of Peter Rabbit.
You will notice, as per usual, that all but Marc’s hands managed to evade any attention from the camera!
I tell you what, working on a 12ins x 12ins sheet is a world away from a 5ins x 5ins card …….
……… and I seemed to fiddle fart forever before committing to any sort of gluing.
It was also tempting to use everything we were given, but I managed to restrain myself.
The page is now safely put away, it still needs a title somewhere near the top …… I was thinking something along the lines of “…… Little Bertie Rabbit had a fly upon his ear, so he flipped it and he flopped it and the fly flew away ……” – I just need to find a suitable background paper to write/put it on …. and then I might put it in a frame to go in his bedroom to embarrass him when he is 18!
Thank you to Michelle for taking me out of my crafty comfort zone, and the elusive Marc, whose idea it was and treating me to a wonderful day.  Hopefully we will now keep an eye out on other workshops going on at Crafters Companion and who knows, do a few more in the future.