Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Easter Door Wreaths.

This is my Easter door wreath for this year. I was sure I had put the wreath that I made last year somewhere safe, but for the life of me can't find it, so I decided to make a new one for me and another for my lovely neighbour Kata.  
I used two rattan wreaths from last years Poundland festive collection, bought because I could see that they had more potential than just for Christmas.  
I got out all my assorted flower and leaf punches and decided for swiftness sake the resulting flowers would be best attached to the wreath by using a glue gun.
Initially I thought I wouldn't cover the wreath entirely with flowers and leaves, but then I got carried away, as per usual .......
....... adding more and more, until the rattan was barely visible ........
....... before adding small pearl, clear and amber coloured flat back gems to the centres ........
......... then all that was left to do was fluff everything up and remove all the annoying glue gun threads, et voila!
Later when I made Kata's I decided it would be easier and less fiddly in the long run to add the gems to the flowers before I glued them to the wreath.
I am really pleased with the result, they are certainly are pretty and spring like, but if I was being hyper critical I wished they were just a little bit bigger and more in proportion to the door, but then again that's me! After Easter I am hoping to find a small space where mine can be on show all the year round ..... I'm just not sure where at the moment.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

My Easter Shelves.

It's beginning to look at lot like Easter at The Towers .........
...... I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with the overall effect as, to me it is screaming for  a few more pieces of varying size to add more of a height differential .......
 ...... but I had only just started mooching around the charity and poundshops for some extra bits and pieces that could add to the Easter theme when lockdown hit..........
..........end of that story, but hey ho, we are all safe and sound at home .......
........ and that's all that really counts at the moment ...... but it will give me something to look for when we eventually get back to normal ..........
..........whatever normal will mean by then!

Monday, 6 April 2020

Bertie's Rainbow Jumper

Bertie's much requested rainbow jumper was finally finished just in time for his 4th birthday on Saturday.
There was a time when I was never without a piece of knitting, but apart from my knitted dish clothes and a few loopy scarves I haven't knit anything on this scale for about twenty five odd years ......
....... however I think my tension is pretty much still there!
It also goes without saying that I still loathe all the sewing in of ends with a vengeance, as well as the sewing up, in fact I am not entirely sure that I even used the right stitch to do it, so thank goodness you can't see it from the outside ........ but what did the young master himself think of the finished product
I think it passed muster!  I now have another request ....... Iris would very much like a rainbow cardigan, so I need to find a free pattern online that uses the same size needles as Bertie's jumper, as they are the only two sets I have.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Little Pearls Of Lockdown Wisdom .........

Today's pearl of lockdown wisdom from the ever astute Bertie Geddes ................................
......... "Daddy, did you know if you break a biscuit in two you can share it with another person?"'

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Marc and Rick's Cottage Garden.

I stayed with Marc and Rick a few weeks back, during the awful floods, when both of Worcester's bridges had to be closed off  and we thought that I might have to stay holed in until the river started to go down .....
....... so no great hardship there then!!!!
However, despite the awful weather I still managed to take lots of pictures of the garden I love so much.
It doesn't matter what time of year it is .........
....... there is always something wonderful and new to see.
Rick had been doing a lot of exhibitions at the start of the year ........
...... so one or two of the "embellishments" (??????) came from his shows in Stockholm and Birmingham.
I just love how Rick and Marc just put things together so they look as if they were meant to be or have been there forever .........
...... whereas if I did it (if I had a garden) it would just look staged and over thought.
I know when I stay next, which should have been in May, as per usual, for the Eurovision Song Contest and  Marc's birthday ........
 ........... this blooming virus/lockdown will be well and truly over .........
 ........ and the garden will look completely different, yet again ........
......... please God, it won't be too long.........

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Recycled Glass Vases and Bowls - Garden Toadstools/Mushrooms

This picture came up on my facebook feed a while back and I just feel in love with the idea .........
....... they are toadstools/mushrooms made using old clear vases, bottles and bowls, they are soooooooo pretty with an ethereal fairy like quality.
I immediately shared the pictures with Marc as I could just see a little cluster of them in the garden of Marc and Ricks cottage in Worcester and he was hooked too.
So, that's sorted out all our charity shop shopping and carboot sale moochings for the next few months as we're off making a few fairy circles of our own!

Monday, 30 March 2020

Halloween Truck - Part 2 - Hmmmmmmmm

To be honest, I am not 100% with how my Halloween truck has come together at this precise moment, but, I am not trying to be too hard on myself as it's very early days!

The truck painted up really well using black acrylic paint from Hobbycraftt (£1.60), but on closer inspection it could do with another coat at some stage during the process, then I am wondering whether the paint could then take a couple of coats of clear, gloss varnish (?).
It was the drawers that I am, at present, disappointed with, but fortunately I have only done one side of the truck (12 so far) so I think I can get things right on the other.
I decided, not only to cover the front of the drawers but also line the inside front and back with the same Halloween themed papers and that worked well........
....... until I went on to colour the edges with a black Sharpie pen and then the sides with a thick felt pen ...... resulting in fingerprints all over the shop ........ agghh, now I know I am not the neatest of workers, but I was sooooo cross with myself.
I am going to cover the inky ones again, despite in some eyes the fingerprints adding an extra spooky element to them. The plan is to then add further embellishment, which would probably cover all manner of blemishes, but I know if the tiniest bit of ink is still visible, my eye would be drawn to that rather than the overall effect!! 
Now when I tackle the drawers on other side I need to get all the colouring done first and then allow the ink to really soak in and dry for a day or two, before doing the fronts, well, that's the theory anyway.  As I say, it's very early days in this project, there is a long, long way to go yet! 

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Charity Shop Bargain Label Maker

You know how much I love a label maker ...... well, I found this one for just 50p in my favourite Evesham charity shop, the one that sells things at realistic prices.
At 50p it was well worth a pop ....... and did not disappoint!
The first print was a bit cloudy along the top and bottom of the label, but it just needed me to a line the tape a little more accurately which then adjusted the pressure ....... for perfect results.
I bought a real Junior Dymo label maker a while ago for £2.50, it wasn't so much the machine that I was interested in, but the twenty or so unused reels of spare tape it came with, which are really quite pricey to buy.
I think this one will  end up in Iris's craft drawers after a lesson on how to use it with a couple of spare tapes .......a most excellent purchase!

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Easter Bunny Bags

We only had a couple of days warning that schools would be closing indefinitely from last Friday because of coronavirus.  The sadness was that at the same time Bertie would be saying a last farewell to all his nursery staff and Iris to her beloved Mrs Packer.
I couldn't cobble much together at such short notice but I did risk a very fast, gloved and sanitized visit to Lidl at the end of the day, when it tends to be quieter, to pick up some Easter chocolates, which spookily hadn't been deemed essential enough to be worthy of stockpiling! 
I got six pots, two each of twenty five lambs, chicks and bunnies for, I think £1.99, but don't quote me on that.
I already had two packs of ten pink bunny bags, bought at Christmas from the Flying Tiger reduced section for £1 each. I saw them and thought how cute they were and knew if I had an inkling of an idea as to how I could use them, I needed to get them there and then as I probably wouldn't be able to find anything like them at Easter.
The bows were made from ribbon were left over from Tom and Laura's wedding, yes, they are still going strong, seven years on!
I simply put a mix of ten chocolates in each bag, tied the ribbon round the bunnies ears and then added a punched tag to say Happy Easter from Bertie/Iris.  I don't think either of them appreciated the full impact of what they were doing as they excitedly handed them out amidst huge smiles and giggles, but nanny for one shed a few of tears then and when she got home.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Staying At Home ........

These are truly unprecedented and uncertain times, which is why I decided to delete my last post re: my pooped mojo, what a twonk!!!
As the coronavirus surge gathers pace in the UK  I want to scream ".... for goodness sake people, this is for real!", I just feel that some people can't see what is heading our way beyond the need to stockpile. What's with all the loo roll?
For Iris and Bertie school has now closed, which was heartbreaking to witness. How do you explain that there's no school, no swimming, no Rainbows and no dancing etc. etc. for a long long time? Tom and Laura will be taking over the childcare between them, leaving me to #StayHome and be safe.  Thank goodness for video calls! As a result I will not be venturing out again unless absolutely necessary and at the moment I can't imagine what that would possibly be for, then if/when we go into lockdown, Lu (who is now working from home) is all packed and ready to come down to me the second it's announced.
Marc (and Rick), you'll be glad to know are safe at the Worcester Cottage, which is wonderfully isolated, the thought of Marc being in London terrified me. Our usual Eurovision weekend, when we also celebrate Marc's birthday is obviously cancelled but we will be in contact all the time.
So ....... I have no excuse not to post now, with at least 12 weeks in front of me, I need to keep my body and mind active and absorbed, goodness only knows what I will be posting, a bit of everything I expect ........ but I will be here ...... and so will The Monkeys on my other channel ......