Wednesday, 14 November 2018

A Couple Of Charity Shop Finds

I am always on the look out for necklaces that are made up of triangle shapes  because I immediately think “Christmas Trees” …….
….. so buying this necklace for £1.25 was a no brainer.  In my head I could see a simple small square card with just one triangle in the middle with perhaps a small square of gold card as the base, unless I can find some square gold beads to use instead. We shall see……
This bracelet weighs an absolute ton and is soooooo not me, but for just 99p it would have been rude not to have bought it.  It was the many pearl beads  with a loop that I was after for all sorts of projects, I am such a lazy crafter and though Marc has shown me the technique so many times I am still a cack handed jeweller and making even the simplest  loop evades me!
I am not sure about the shell beads, also with loops yet,  but I have been looking at pendants made using old buckles on Pinterest so when I have five minutes (?????) I might have a play …… but I am pretty sure Marc would snatch my arm off for them if I don’t.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Advent Drawer Tuesday.

I think I have said before that I can go back to an Advent drawer several times before I am 100% happy with it.
The calendar is sat sitting on the window sill directly in front of my work table so that I can look at it and then fiddle fart some more when inspiration finally strikes.
penguin Advent drawer
It’s also good to step away from a drawer for a while, working up close on such a small object sometimes makes the tiniest space seem like a yawning chasm desperate to be filled. There is, I think, something missing from between the penguins (above), I just don’t know what yet …… a fish, a cracker, some snowballs? Hmmmmm
snowman advent drawer
I also think that the numbers on both drawers need another coat or two of white Posca pen followed by a layer of Ranger Glossy Accents to add extra texture and dimension.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Jewelled Snowflake Door Wreath

Sometimes I need saving from myself ……..
jewelled snowflake wreath 5
….. and this idea was one of those times!  I knew I wanted something spectacular for my front door this Christmas, but I got a little carried away and in the end I had to say enough is enough, there is only so much encrustment of jewels this poor snowflake can take!
I knew I wanted a snowflake theme and had saved ideas from Pinterest but it wasn’t until I spotted this large, silver glitter snowflake for just £1.49 in B M Bargains that the light bulb finally went on.
But, as I was walking home carrying it I started to kick myself for going for the silver option (white, red and gold also available) as I had already previously purchased a box of smaller gold snowflakes above …….. however by the time I got back to The Towers I had convinced myself that an all silver decoration might be a little bland ….. if terribly tasteful.
  Snowflake door wreath Christmas
To truly put my mind at rest I needed to play and that’s when I got possessed by all that sparkles! 

The gold snowflakes indeed looked good against the silver, as did the crystal one in the centre, all glued with E6000 as this was a project that really needed to be well stuck together ……..

…… but  I then remembered the plastic iridescent and glittered snowflakes I have had forever, cut from an old garland found in a charity shop that have so nearly been binned for lack of inspiration. 
jewelled snowflake wreath 1jewelled snowflake wreath 3
At this stage I knew I needed to stop and come back to the project a little later because I was fast becoming overtaken by the thought of looking at my broken jewellery box and realising just how over the top this snowflake become.
jewelled snowflake wreath 7
On returning to the wreath I only added pieces from a clear glass bracelet, I had enough to keep the design symetrical and even but with that I added more pearls and clear flat back gems and a smattering of smaller green and turquoise gems too.
snowflake wreath 2snowflake wreath 4
If I were to do it again I think the coloured gems could have been a little larger.
jewelled snowflake wreath 8
The pictures don’t really do the twinkle and sparkle the wreath gives off justice.I think the wreath is finished, but, if I could just find that elusive little gold embellishment that could possibly add something extra  to reflect the gold in the snowflakes  hmmmmmmmnmnm who knows, I could be working on it again before it eventually goes up.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Sharpie Pen Revamped Lamp

Someone please save me from my Sharpie pens ……….
After “tarting up” the chandelier in my spare room with said pens and a few extra drops the beads in two lamps in there looked a bit insipid …….. 
……. so I recoloured them as well!  I don’t think the picture does the new colours much justice and I daresay no one else will notice, but I am suitably chuffed. If I had the balls, if you’ll pardon the expression I would love to recolour the lamp bases from antique copper to silver to go with the other silver touches in the room  …… but at the moment I am just not that brave!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Advent Drawer Tuesday

Two more Advent drawers today, but to be honest I very much doubt, time wise, that whole Advent calendar will be finished before December 1st, but we shall see…….
Advent Drawer 3
……. and if it isn’t, well, at least I’ll have a real head start finishing it for next Christmas!
Christmas Angel Advent Drawer
Please excuse any odd glue strands or unseemly blobs and smudges, I promise they will be removed in the final push to get it all done.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Christmas Sampler Picture Frames

Aghhhhhhhh and bum, bum, bum, bum, bum  …… I was so chuffed with the Christmas picture frame sampler I posted a couple of weeks ago that I decided to trek back to the Worcester Poundland where I had got it from in order to make some more ….. lesson learned yet again, buy something when you see it in such shops as it probably won’t be there again when you go back!IMG_9101
Yes, they had gone, but had been replaced by frames that  appeared quite similar, but were not, in my opinion, as versatile as the original ones, having no circles or small squares and the “new” larger rectangles required a scene created in them and/or a different set of embellishments and arrangement …….
…… however, I still bought another seven of the white frames and persevered,  finding that the printed sheet inside the frame made it a lot easier to glue my own papers to instead of the precarious patchwork mess I created in the original.
The now completed frames vary from one another slightly to accommodate the different colours of the embellishments and seasonal papers I had.
Christmas Photoframe sampler craftsChristmas Photoframe sampler
They took a lot longer to complete than the original because as I said  I felt that the larger inserts needed more than just a single holly leaf etc. to look right and so there was a lot of jiggling about with the embellishments to get them to fit and fill.
Christmas Sampler in a photoframeCHristmas Sampler Photo Frame 1
These frames will be given instead of a Christmas card to special friends and relations, but I have set myself a challenge to complete a black frame I also bought, this will be for my upstairs neighbour who’s whole flat is decorated almost entirely in black, white and grey and one of these will just not fit in to such a decor …………
Christmas Sampler Photoframe craftsChristmas Sampler Photo FRame
………. doing it will probably drive me up the blooming wall, but sometimes it’s good to leave you comfort zone just now and again!

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Heads Up – A Bit Of Crafty Festive Mooching in Wilko

I saw these mini jars in Wilko – 20 mini jars for £3 …………
Wilko mini jars
……. now, to be honest (at the moment) I don’t have a clue what I would use them for ……. mini snow globes for children to make or jars for reindeer food????  However, I am sure that there is someone out there who will have a festively ingenius idea which will have me wishing that I’d bought some!
Wilko Christmas Chocolate Coins
I did however buy some chocolate coins, there are 12 in a net for just 50p and come with either reindeer, Santa or snowman foil wrappers. I want to make some little favours for all the staff at Bertie’s nursery and a net of these coins fit perfectly into the mini acetate boxes (The Works 10 for £1.50) I already have. I just need to add a ribbon, with an embellishment and tag and Santa’s coming for Christmas! Post to follow when I get them done!
Wilko also had these little chocolate tablets  – 12 for £1, which I thought were irresistible too. Could this possibly be my first Christmas without  an Elizabeth Shaw Mint?  They might fit in the mini boxes too or I think I might just carefully tie six up together with a narrow red or green ribbon with a tag attached.  Again watch this space.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Happy Halloween

No Advent Drawers to post this week ……
IMG_9314IMG_9315 - Copy
….. rain has temporarily stopped play……..
…….. to be honest I only have one left now that I haven’t posted …….
……. but have no fear,  they are on my “to do” list for this coming weekend.
Instead, a few pictures of Iris and Bertie from this past weekend when they had a Halloween sleepover at The Towers.
There were pumpkins to “create” exactly as they wanted ………
…… as well as satsumas and balloons to make as spooky as they could too.
Nanny not wishing to be outdone had a go at “creating” some scary tissue paper spiders ……..
Hmmmmmm, not quite my forte …….. I think they look more like mad, fat crows!
Iris also spent ages drawing a set of forfeit cards to put in our Halloween Pass the Parcel parcel ……..
Her drawings always make me melt ……. my favourite? Her skeleton for her “wobble like a skeleton card” ……. I reckon he’s got most, if not all of his joints!