Saturday, 22 December 2018

Liverpool – City Of Sparkle …… And Objects Of Great Desire

I love Liverpool! Most years Lu and I usually pay an overnight visit in December for a show (usually Ross Noble) and to do some mooching of the shops …… and last week we made our latest annual pilgrimage …….
With the sentiment on my “first coffee in the morning” mug ringing soooooooo true, Liverpool did not disappoint. I have never seen so many lovely “shiny things” ……… and naturally a considered festive purchase had to be made ……..
Cinderella shall go to the ball!  My intentions was to get a pair of black glittery pumps or converse type boots to wear over the holiday, but when my eyes alighted on these beauties I was a gonna!  From Evans, reduced from £48 to £15 and in an E width (I have very wide feet) what’s a girl to do. I wore them for the first time when Marc stayed, when we went for a meal and they will be my footwear staple over Christmas …… talk about mutton dressed as lamb!
Last year Lu and I missed visiting Taskers in Aintree because the weather wasn’t too good and we thought we’d better get home, but this year we made it!
I was really happy with how I’ve got The Towers ……
……… but that was before I travelled up that fatal staircase to the furniture showroom and then I became a helpless deer caught in headlights! 
What can I say?
If I could …… you know, I think I would …… but no, no considered purchases were made ……..
…….. but just look at this chandelier! I did stand under it for rather a long time and  admit to stroking it very carefully, if only with one finger …… and no, I wouldn’t dare colour it in with any of my Sharpie pens!
IMG_9978The walls of The Towers are just painted at the moment ……. but can you imagine having jewel encrusted wallpaper? But what happens in Liverpool stays in Liverpool …… it was just an hour or so of pure girly fantasy …….
IMG_9971kila-duvet-cover-gunmetal-double-234111 (1)
…….. However, I have always loved Kylie Minogue bed linen …….  (as modelled by Nigel) and I am sorely tempted, perhaps for my festive bedroom next year? It’s another dream, but it wouldn’t hurt to see what gets put in the January sales, after a little research on how they wash etc. ……. and wonder if, when I wake in the morning, I’d find my face embossed by hundreds of sequins, never a good look!  What am I like?