Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Cards From Christmas 2018 – Fiddle Fart Guest Crafters No. 3

Three more cards for your delectation today ………

I just love this card, it’s delicacy and the colours.  It’s from Karen, a fellow crafter and blogger. I am guessing it’s made with a whole series of dies, it’s the sort of card that Marc would tease me for losing patience with.  It’s stunning

The next card was from Michelle, I am also guessing using a die for the card blank and then a series of dies for the borders and snowflakes.  I really need to get more adventurous.  I never seem to veer very far from my square cards …….. boring!
The last card is from my Auntie Beth in Bude, she is colouring book bonkers,  and I am guessing she has managed to get her little mits on a set of colouring notecards for this beauty. I have only done one or two colouring book pages, but I’ll tell the truth, as soon as I decide that the colours I have used don’t look right together, I just couldn’t continue to finish the rest.  Is that being a tad anal?
Beth uses the coloured pages from her books to make cutlery holders at her daughters cafe in Bude.  They have had quite a few taken away surreptitiously under the table, and who can blame the customers, I think I would be tempted too ……….. The Lock Gates Tea Room, Bude