Friday, 8 January 2010

Pirate Diary

My sister took a pack of Brownies for a Pirate Weekend last November and asked if I could make her a Pirate Diary.  She had a template amongst her itinerary and I worked round that, fiddle farting as I went along.

pirate 1 (2)
Picture 191
pirate 1pirate 1 (6)

I used my Bind It All, which was very trial and error as originally the skull was more rounded.

Inside pirate diary Pirate diary 2
I would have liked to have made the back cover in one piece, but the Bind It All couldn’t take it, but by edging the skull and crossbones with thin black lines I think I have got away with it!

The eyes, nose, mouth were cut from black card and stuck down.

If I were to make another diary/notebook I think would use a brown Kraft paper for the inside pages to give it an older, more antique look and then outline the pages with unsteady thin black lines. Perhaps a few pirate stickers artistically placed here and there might look good too.