Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Halloween – Done to Death!!!

Well,  with just over a week to go before Halloween, no one can accuse me of not embracing the theme!  Last year I did a bit, but this year I have really gone overboard, but I blame all the inspiring stuff they have had in Poundworld and Poundland and Accessorize’s brilliant Halloween stickers (which put their Christmas ones to shame!).
Picture 698 Picture 699
These are my last two projects, so you can all breath a sigh of relief ……
Picture 703Picture 704
I’ve put everything together and now hope to make a few pennies to put towards some Christmas stash.
Picture 708
  I love to see what goes first and what’s left over …….
Picture 712

HobbyCraft Baubles – Shopping Alert!

Last year I made these baubles to give instead of cards to special people.
Picture 613
I found these in HobbyCraft a couple of weeks,ago,  there are 12 in a box for £1.99 and are made by Darice.  They don’t have the iridescent shimmer that the Paperchase ones I originally used have and they are slightly smaller.
Picture 612
But I have several ideas in mind for them.