Thursday, 23 December 2010

IKEA Memory Boxes

A little while ago I filled one of three IKEA memory boxes that I had bought a couple of years but left empty, with old wooden cotton reels, well, I have finally filled the other two …..
Ikea Memory Box 1
I didn’t know what to do with my scary spellbook box that I made for Halloween…. and then I had an “Ulrika” moment and put it in one of the boxes with a glittered spider, I am dead chuffed!
Ikea Memory Box a
I also found, (when I was looking for something else), a bag of small pieces of driftwood that I have collected from beaches on various holidays.  The intention was to make a heart shaped wreath with them (one day) ….. but it seemed a pity to have them stuck away ….. so into the memory box they have gone, in the hope that seeing them each day will spur me into action.
Ikea Memory Boxes
It’s a bit eclectic, but it’s me! Now that I have filled these three boxes …. I think I may see if I can find another three ....... except that IKEA have stopped doing them ...... bum!

Blog Hopping

You may have noticed that my “Places I Like To Visit” has disappeared from my sidebar. When I went through it the other day I found some had disappeared and others had not posted for a while, so I decided to have a spring clean (?!!!) and start again.
So I’ve been on a blog hop and found this lovely blog written by Leigh (one of my followers) which has a sewing theme, something I will definitely be trying to get into in the New Year,  using my trusty £7 Singer machine I got off e-bay.
Leigh makes such  lovely things and I was so jealous when I read that she had actually done a display of her work in a local shop window, something which I have ALWAYS wanted to do – in fact my post scheduled for 27th December is all about a window dressing course I went on in October.
Leigh also links to some fantastic blogs, my favourite has to be one called “ Crap I’ve Made” – what a brilliant name …… I howled when I saw it and I wished I’d thought of it first.
Anyway ….. have a look for yourselves……. why not give Leigh a visit ……