Thursday, 5 September 2019

A Bit Of Bargain Hunting

With Halloween and Christmas fast approaching I have been trying to hunt out a few bargains for a ideas I have in mind.
I am really into diorama's this year, as you will find out in a couple of future posts.  These frames from B & M Bargains have a bit of depth to them to take larger embellishments and the fact that they are glittery is an extra bonus that lends them to Christmas.  I paid £2 for the four frames, working out at 50p each, which is neither here nor there in the scheme of things, when it comes to making Christmas decorations.
Also in B & M Bargains these mirrored soap dishes were reduced from £2.49 to 50p each, I am thinking diorama again, something plain and simple...... however, they might also look quite nice with a few festive nibbles in (???)  ...... so, if I don't create anything with them this year, it won't really matter as they will still get used in some way or other.
I then found this glass lanterns in Poundstretcher amongst the gardening bits and pieces marked at £1 each, however there was a sign that said there was 25% off all garden items, but it wasn't clear what was included, so when I took them to the checkout and enquired the manager had a look and over rode the till .....  result, 75p each!  At the moment I am thinking Halloween by just sticking simple, black paper shapes on them to look like monster faces to put out in the grounds at the back of my flat. I am having a special Halloween Iris and Bertie sleepover and wanted to make a little, lit up, Halloween walk for them ...... then the fun and games I am sure they will come in handy for Christmas with a few gems glued on and perhaps beads/ribbons added on the handles?