Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Trip To Manchester

The Cath Kidston Shop.
Kath Kidston gift bags
My sister has been raving about the Cath Kidston store in Manchester for ages now and as we were in Manchester last Friday it would have been rude not to pop in.  It really was beautiful and naturally I wanted everything …. however I showed restraint until I saw the gift bags (above) they put my purchases in …. and then I did squeal …. I have kept them in pristine condition … as I have a project in mind for them….
Badges made using kath Kidston material
However my main reason for this post was say thank you to the lady in the materials department who was very patient with me when I asked for a few couple of swatches to make these badges with.
Badges made using kath Kidston material 1
You know I have a big thing about birdcages …… well look what Paperchase have gone and done to me!
Paperchase Birdcages
Lets put it this way …… I showed no restraint whatsoever!