Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wonderful, Wonderful Times With Marc– My ThermoMorph Face

This isn’t a project,  just an idea after I started musing at Marc’s!  I took the remains of the ThermoMorph that I was asked to review a couple of weeks ago for Marc to play with, I wasn’t entirely convinced of it’s potential for me “personally” as a crafter, but I thought Marc might be able to come up with an ingenious use for it.
ThermoMorph can be re-used over and over again if an idea doesn’t work out and I had forgotten I had put some “failed” faces I had moulded back in the pot, so when we opened it again there they were.
mould_thumb5Anyway, Marc had awakened my interest in micro glitter when he had got out his mahoooosive collection to cover these Scottie dogs to use on tags and cards, he must have every colour under the sun  …..
Glittered die cut scottie dogs …… and I started to play with the face, first adding red glitter to the lips, then a thin line of blue to the eyes, followed by eyebrows and a blush to the cheeks using Promarker pens.
Thermomorph FaceThe cold, white waxiness of the ThermoMorph gave the face an haunted/ethereal look which all came together when I added a black background and doodled hair with a white gel pen.  perhaps this is an idea I will come back to in time.
And while I am on the subject of ThermoMorph you just have to have a look what Nicky made with hers, …… a snowman kit and Marc if you see this can you make me a set!!!!
And while you are looking,  have a look at this post too, I got the mould from Poundland too to use with my ThermoMorph but unlike Nicky never actually got round to doing anything with it …… doh!!!