Saturday, 19 June 2010

If You’re Out Shopping Today …..

WHSmith Stickers
…… have a look in WH Smith, as my daughter found these little beauties for just 20p a pack in boxes filled with all sorts of things in the Wolverhampton branch.

Button Covered Notice Board

Sorry about the wet glue, I am always a bit too eager to get things photographed.
Button Covered Noticeboard
I have too many buttons and have decided that I must use them ......  most of these came from the craft section of Home Bargains, for no more than £1 a bag.
Close Up of Buttons- Button Noticeboard
All I have done is cover the frame of a Poundland notice board with them using a strong PVA glue.
Button Noticeboard 2
When I had covered the frame once I added a few more buttons on top to give it a bit more depth.  I think I will keep the board somewhere safe and use it as one of my Christmas/New Year makes.