Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What’s On My Wall Wednesday

CanvasLast Wednesday my paints were on my desk, after asking the equally Lovely Denise, (The Lovely Laura’s mum) if she would consider swapping one of my “paintings” for some en-trend and de rigueur crochet cushion covers!  Well, they were making me feel a little nervous and a touch panicky, I hate leaving things to the last minute, and although I had a December deadline in my head for completion, I knew I would feel much better if it was  done sooner rather than later and my side of the deal/promise kept.  So on Saturday amid much trepidation I got started!
The first thing I did was look for a bit of inspiration, in my head I had English country garden, but then ….. I got very side tracked when I found some paintings/prints by Heather Galler ….. oh my, I just love her style!
This painting lark is all so new to me and I think I may have cheated,  because I noticed on my very first canvas, now hanging in the dining room that all my flowers were a little squiffy and on the lopsided side, so I decided to use templates,  well, a pile of plates and cups and containers to get my circles round!!!!
templates for my pictureAnother new addition in this picture was going to be a few birds ….. but I cheated again and made another template!!!  I guess I just paint like a crafter and old habits die hard!!
leaves painted Once all the basics were sketched out I began to fill in, starting with the leaves, and then adding one colour at a time. 
My picture.And this is when I started getting panicky again ….. I do love a black outline, I tried to resist but I couldn’t ……. it just confirms what I see in my mind’s eye, a couple of outlines and I am happy to see that I am going in the right direction. This is only my third canvas ….. it measures 46ins x 35ins, so obviously I like to work big!!!  However, I am now going to resist any further outlining until the canvas is completely painted (famous last words I know) because I want to keep them crisp.  On my first canvas I added the details in layers of colour and that sort of diluted the lines until they look quite grey and not fresh as I would have liked.
I am also not sure that acrylics really are the way to go for me either  …….but there again I don’t really have a clue about paint in the first place.  I don’t find that they layer quite as well as I would like (I want to mat and layer in my painting!)  …. I really am the blind, leading the blind …. so if anyone has any tips.
Anyway it’s all a great experiment, and I will see how I go, so watch this space!!!