Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Christmas Tree Microscope Slide Decoration.

More experimenting today  …………  I prefer using silver to gold on most crafty things, but because the Christmas tree had gold elements and I don’t like to mix gold and silver together on a project, I have used self adhesive metallic gold tape and gold spring bails on this slide for a change.
Christmas Tree Microscope Slide DecorationChristmas Tree Microscope Slide decoration 4
I started by sandwiching some white glitter paper and tiny gold stars to the inside of the slide to create a background.
microscope slide Christmas tree decoration amicroscope slide decoration a
I found that the metal tape seemed to have lost some of it’s stickability, so the adhesion wasn’t as firm/solid as I would have hoped.  I seem to remember reading somewhere that this sort of tape is best kept in an air tight container, but there again, I may have dreamt it.  I know I have had it for at least five years and I am not sure how readily available it is now, as I said in a previous post, finding a new source of silver tape was hard enough…….. do I start looking for 6mm gold now?
Microscope Slide Christmas Decoration 6Once the microscope slide was sealed I used E6000 to attach the tree to the glass, adding a few flat backed gems and a spring bail using G-S Hypo Cement to the top and then left it well alone for 24 hours to set properly.
Christmas Tree Microscope Slide Decoration 1When I was sure the bail was firmly in place I added a bead and a length of gold jewellery wire to make a hanger.
My next experiment is to see how the 6mm silver aluminium tape I have just bought colours using Sharpie Permanent Pens, it could be fiddly, but if it works I can then hopefully match the tape to any embellishments/enamel charms I might want to use on later ideas.