Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Easter Bunny Brooches

These are the Easter Bunny brooches I made with using the wooden embellishments I found in Lidl the other day (packs for 99p or 2 for £1.50).
There’s not an awful lot to them, as they even came complete with their fluffy tails.  Each bunny is 6cm tall by about 3cm at their widest.
All I did was glue on a brooch pin to each bunny using E6000 glue, which is the best glue I know for this sort of thing, it sticks and there’s no coming off!  I tend to be a bit heavy handed with glue, so there was a little mopping up to do round the pin afterwards, opppppps
I then made up some small cards to attach the finished brooches to, simply adding a bit of doodling and a Happy Easter.
Such a quick and easy idea, especially when time is tight, and Iris has something a little bit different to give her nursery staff at the end of term rather than the usual Easter egg.
Happy Days!!!