Thursday, 1 September 2011

Poundland Crochet Coaster Set

Poundland Crochet Coasters 1 
You may think I’ve taken leave of my senses getting all festive with this jar of sweeties when August has only just ended….. but I was in Poundland yesterday when I spied this set of 12 crocheted coasters (that’s about 8p each)….. and my mind got to thinking …. and before I knew it they were in my basket …..
 Poundland Crochet Coasters
The coasters are a perfect fit for these little spice jars that I have found in packs of four in Asda and Ikea.  I bought mine in bulk when they were in Poundworld last year, which I am so glad I did, as they haven’t had them in since (probably because I exhausted their stocks).  But I just thought that with the season of fayres fast approaching it’s a quick and easy and inexpensive way of pretty-ing up a few small jars.