Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Scandi Style Card - Scandi Shadowbox Picture

This 6ins x 6ins card was pants from the very start, I wasn't sure if I should actually post it, but then I thought what the heck.
All I had done was take a page from the embossed Christmas pad (below) that I found in Poundland last year (£1), it was this design in particular that made me buy the pad because, at the time, I thought as it screamed out to be embellished.  
However, when I did start to embellish it, it all seemed too small and subtle ...... the tiny gems and glitter were just lost in the fiddly detail.
........ and if I'm honest, my work didn't enhance the picture as I'd hoped.
I was disappointed, so the card ended up left to one side ...... then as I started to write this post I  suddenly thought, that the design really belongs in a frame ............ why hadn't I seen it before?  So I got out one of my spare Hobbycraft shadow boxes and it's perfect.
All I needed to do was add a matching turquoise edge so that it fit the frame aperture properly.  In the end I may have lost a card but I have gained a new festive decoration for the shelves in my guest/spare room this year. The room, when seasonally decorated, has a Scandi-esque theme to it anyway and since I've painted the wall behind the bed a deep turquoise, it's a no brainer.
Which got me thinking again ....... I have two spare, unadorned mirrors in my cupboard, the same as the jewelled mirrors I made for the room a while back.
........ perhaps I could embellish them too with a festive theme to add a slightly new look this Christmas?  Hmmmmmm watch this space ...........