Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kodak’s Big App

When I first heard about Kodak’s Big App I admit that I wasn’t too sure about it ….. but now I am hooked! I also thought it would be of interest to anyone like me who works in a school and has displays to do, or works with Cubs or Brownies or a playgroup etc.  or if you just fancy being able to put MAHOOOSIVE pictures together like this ……
Kodak's Big App 9
I know it doesn’t look mahoooosive in this picture, but it’s made up of 16 sheets of A4 paper …. can you imagine the fun you could have with this at a surprise party?!!!!
The Kodak Big App can be found here:- and is a piece of cake to use……
Kodak's Big App
You can use your own picture or use one from the Kodak gallery.
Kodak's Big App 1
Once you have chosen you picture, you can select the orientation and size of your finished picture.
Kodak's Big App 2
When  happy, you then download the image, which the programme saves as a PDF file.
Kodak's Big App 3
I’d say it take less than a minute to complete the process.
Kodak's Big App 4
Finally you click “Download PDF” and save to a name of your choice, in your chosen folder.
Kodak's Big App 6
Once saved you can then open the file in Adobe Reader, where the image has been broken into pages.
Kodak's Big App 7
I hope this makes sense, but if you have any problems you can always check out the FAQ’s page
I am planning on making and using one of these images as a background for one of my Geography Departments trip displays  and then add “normal” photographs and labels over the top……. With Christmas coming you could make really brilliant scenery for Nativity and other school plays and grottos.  I LOVE IT!!!
For more ideas have a look at Kodak’s facebook page

Wooden Christmas Tree Tags

Wooden Christmas Tree tags
I’ve used the last twelve wooden dominoes from a child’s set I bought from the village Easter Fayre for 50p to make these wooden tags. They each measure 7cms x 3cms.
Wooden Christmas Tree tag
All I’ve done is cover the picture side of the dominoes with a spotty paper which seems to enhances the spots on wooden Christmas tree embellishments I bought from Hobbycraft a little while ago. I’ve then  handwritten the greeting and added a bit of faux stitching.
Picture 319
I used my Aldi craft drill to make the holes for the ties and have left the backs blank for a message to be written, although I did add faux stitching round the edges.