Thursday, 24 October 2019

Halloween Pick N MIx Display

Just a bit of silly fun today. I found this toy Pick N Mix dispenser on e-bay at a pretty reasonable price, it was boxed, unused and came with all it's bits except for the sweets ........
....... so I presume it was old stock and the sweets were out of date which was fine by me ......
........ because I wanted to turn it into something special for Bertie and Iris for our Halloween sleepover party. Looking at it now in the pictures it looks more like a Bush Tucker Trial for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ...... however I don't think it will really matter once it is surrounded by other Halloween decorations on their little Pick N Mix table, it's just me being over fussy on the detail!
I secured each of the drawers with a sticky foam pad so that they didn't move around or fall out when little fingers were attempting to get their sweeties out ..... it wasn't absolutely necessary, I was just being a Nanny who tends to think of all the possible scenarios before they actually happen! 
I made (and kept) a template of the original card top and sides for the dispenser, because I was already thinking ahead to Christmas and having a Santa's Pick 'N' Mix ....... and then an Easter Bunny one!!
Once cut out I crudely embellished them with various plastic Halloween bits and pieces and stars I  already had using a glue gun and then added a few doodles ...... nothing fancy, as this version was only going to be used for two days at most ..... I also left the threads from the glue gun as they looked a bit like cobwebs.
All I need to do now is fill it with various chocolate bits and pieces, hopefully with a Halloween theme, but if not I am sure I can make up a few gruesome names for Jazzies, chocolate buttons and jelly beans!