Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ghostly Halloween Lollies

Oh my life, this seemed such a simple but effective idea when I found it on Google But making cute ghost lollies is definitely NOT my forte!!! I seem to have turned them into the stuff of nightmares!!!!! These are just too spooky and would probably traumatise any little Trick or Treaters, who may happen upon my doorstep, for life ......
Picture 149 Picture 151
A ghost without a mouth isn’t quite right….. I think the eyes are too big. But add a mouth, and it takes on a terrifying persona.
Picture 146 Halloween Lollipop ghost 1
I’ve used little Chupa Chups lollies ….. they are so cute, well ……. they were cute until I got hold of them! If I give these out at Halloween I’ll be branded as "The streets’ resident lady of evil” and given a wide berth in the Post Office and Chip Shop!  Back to the drawing board........
This was the look I was going for!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hubble Bubble Halloween Sweetie Bag - Haribo Frogs

WHOOPS!!!!!!  Just noticed that I have spelt “cauldron” wrong !!!!!  I was trying to get the project finished to post in too much of a hurry ………… a perfect excuse to open the pack and feast upon frogs of a jelly nature!!!
Halloween Sweetie.Candy Bag, Hubble Bubble 
I love these jelly frogs but they are not the easiest sweet to work with as they are a tad sticky, but I thought that they were ideal for Halloween and witches spells etc.
Hubble Bubble Halloween Favor
The witch is a 3D sticker from a Poundland pack from last year, but I am sure they will have them in again this year.
Frogs in Halloween Favor Bag

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Dracula Halloween Cadbury Chocolate Bar

Dracula Chocolate Bar
Another Halloween chocolate bar ….. I am afraid they are getting more fiddly as I go along …… sorry!
Halloween Dracula Chocolate Bar
And, I know that I am terrible for not taking photos as I work …. but I remembered as I did this due to its fiddle fartyness. I hope you can get the gist of what I have done from the above picture.
Dracula Chocolate Bar Halloween
The fastener on Dracula’s cloak is a small piece of peel off with a sequin at either end.  I just love the effect that a few simple doodles using a white gel pen can bring a project alive, if you’ll pardon the pun!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Halloween Test Tube Favours

I love test tubes!
Trick or Treat Test Tube Favors
I got the taller plastic test tube from a site in the US ages ago, and must see if I can get some more. The smaller tube was from a crafty resource centre I visit now and again, but they are both perfect for Halloween trick or treat favours.
Trick or Treat Test Tube Favor Tag 3 Trick or Treat Test Tube Favor Tag 4
The tags are made using my Stampin Up scalloped and plain circle punches which I have decorated on both sides with Accessorize stickers and handwritten messages using  black and white gel pens.
Trick or Treat Test Tube Favor Tags Trick or Treat Test Tube Favour Tag 1
The tags are on a thread, kept in place by a piece of black and white gingham ribbon (now deleted from Stampin Up range) at the top of the test tube.
Halloween Trick or Treat Test Tubes 7
The tube is finished off with a large purple flat backed gem stuck on the cap.
The jelly beans are from the Original Jelly Bean Factory, they cost a bit more than ordinary jelly beans, but they are smaller and I can buy just the colours I need in their pick and mix section which gives this idea a lot of its charm.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Inspiration …….

Oh my life how cute are these bracelets  ……

bz011066_m bz011067_s,4,shop,catgbrands,and-mary

I have seen other bracelets made using dolls/miniature tea sets and have often stood and ummed and ahhed when I have seen sets in Poundland, but have never taken the plunge …… I think I may just have to now ……… I could be so on trend!!!!!


I have also noticed, as I passed on the bus, Wolverhampton has now got a 99p Shop – I wonder if they have a little tea set?

Halloween Haunted House

This Halloween House is a download design from Quickutz Silhouette that I have doodled and embellished.
Halloween Haunted House box 
I was a bit disappointed because I thought it was a gift box, rather than a model.
Halloween Haunted House Box 2 Halloween haunted House Box 4
But I have decided that when I make up another house I will put the sweets inside before I seal it up and complete the roof.
Halloween Haunted House Box 3 Halloween Haunted House Box 5
So the treat is the sweets ……. but the trick is trying to get them out!  I am so wicked!!!
Halloween Haunted House Box 6
I’ve used a tiny silver brad for the door knob and the ghost, bats, spider and pumpkins are left over Poundland 3D stickers from last year.
Halloween Haunted House Box 7
It’s hard to see from the pictures, but the window shutters  do open. I’ve coloured them and the door with black felt pen.
Halloween House
Quickutz Halloween House C00745_18816

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cadbury Miniature Trick or Treat Bag Favour/Sweetie Bag

Cadbury Miniature Trick or treat candy Sweetie Bag
I love my Stampin Up circle punches, but wondered if I could make a simpler sort of Halloween Trick or Treat sweetie bag using my Accessorize stickers and Cadbury Dairy Milk Miniatures and this is what I have come up with ...
Cadbury Dairy Milk Minature Halloween Project
I made a template of the miniature wrapper so I knew what size to cut my “new” wrappers. It was easier to leave the original wrapper on the chocolate  rather than risk ripping the foil and it made no difference to the finished idea.
Cadbury Minature Halloween Candy Sweetie Bag
After wrapping each chocolate, which only took a few seconds (using double sided tape with my ATG gun), I could get on with the best bit ….. the embellishing!  I added a tiny bit of glue to the back of each sticker to make sure they didn’t come off, and then added a few doodles using  black and white gel pens, which really made the stickers pop out.
Cabury Miniature Halloween Candy Treat bag 3
The bag topper is made using a die from Nestabilities Label set No.4, with a bit of faux stitching and a Stampin Up scalloped circle. I just love these stickers …… it’s so hard to let them go!!!

The Cadbury Miniatures were from Home Bargains - they cost about £1.25 and there are 20 in a pack.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Halloween Coffin Treat Box

 Halloween Trick or Treat Coffin
This project is made using a new Quickutz Silhouette design download, I hope it isn’t too ghoulish for you.
The template is in two pieces and looked quite simple but to be honest was quite fiddle to put together.
Halloween Sweetie Coffin Box
The bat was originally a ring (I cut off the back) from a bag of assorted bits from Poundworld.
Poundworld Halloween
The plate is a piece of gold card that I have written on with a pen with no ink in.
Quickutz Halloween Coffin 2
And then I have finished the edges with a white gel pen, which just has to be one of the best pen inventions for crafters of all time!
Quickutz Halloween Coffin
The sweets are “Graveyard Rock” from Poundland!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Book of Spells Box

 Book Of Spells Box 9
There’s been a bit of natter on my chat widget about ‘scary hands’, so I have bought this post forward to show you what we’ve been on about and what I have made with my hands, if you’ll pardon the pun! ……
Picture 424 Picture 425
Someone had asked on UKScrappers if anyone knew where to get scary hands from, and I realised I’d seen them in Poundworld and had dismissed them because I couldn’t think what to do with them, DOH!
Book of Spells Box So I went back and had another look.  There are ten in a pack and are a rigid plastic, where originally I thought they were rubbery.
Book of Spells Box 3
Once I got them home my mind went wild, and as you can see I have come right out of my crafting comfort zone for this idea!
Book of Spells Box 4
It’s basically a box in the shape of a book.
Picture 508
I made a tray in gold card and a book cover in a really thick black card, getting it to be a perfect fit took several attempts, and made my gums itch when I couldn’t get it right!
Picture 511
Before I stuck it altogether I added a ribbon for a page marker, down the spine on the book.
Book of Spells Box 5
The rest was just a lot of fiddle farting, I used a hot glue gun to stick the hand on a strip of gold card to make the clasp. The strip came round from the back, joining the front and back together and then onto the front. I glued Velcro tape on the back of the foil under the hand and on the front to the box, to keep the clasp in position. (I hope that makes sense)
Book of Spells Box 6
I also hope the pictures help to show you how I’ve made it  …….. as it’s a bit hard to describe.
Book of Spells Box 7
I’ve used craft chalk to age the book, rubbing in shades of brown, green and mustard with my fingers, plus translucent micro glitter for a magical sparkle. I’m not sure if I could make the box again ….. it could be a one and only!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Beep Beep Card

Beep Beep Card 3
These stickers are so cute and I thought they would be great for boys cards, something I don’t make a lot of. The stickers are made from a felt type fabric and cost 99p a pack.
Beep Beep card
I’ve used pages from a road map book that was free with one of the daily papers for the background paper cut with a scalloped square punch because the proportion of the print is perfect with the cars.
Beep beep Card 4
The card is finished by mat and laying  the centre part on silver card.