Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Advent Sock Calendar

Advent Sock Calendar 2
Not a craft project today, just an idea I've seen lots of times on various blogs and sites including Martha Stewart for a really cheap re-useable Advent Calendar.
Advent Sock Calendar
I found three packs of three pairs of baby’s first size Christmas socks in BM Bargains for 99p a pack – so that’s 24 little “Christmas Stockings” for £3.96 – which is OK!
Advent Sock Calendar 1
I then hung them on a length of red wool using small red pegs, that I already had, to keep them in place ….. but I might have to use slightly bigger pegs if I put anything too heavy in the socks.
Advent Sock Calendar 4 
And finally, I stuck peel off numbers on each sock for each day leading to Christmas.  That’s it! 
Packs of adult socks in Primark are pretty cheap, about £2.00 - £2.50 for a pack of 4/5 and they have some lovely colours and patterns  and I always need a socks…. so I was thinking of buying a few packs and hanging them all along the washing line over Christmas for fun and then when it’s all over a quick wash and I’ve got a new set of socks to start the New Year with!