Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Years Tut 2010

Last year, when I posted this idea, several people said that they were going to start this tradition in their own families too, I’d love to know if they have……
Fiddle Fart New Years Tut
I’ve knitted a lovely messy/rough looking scarf for Lucy.  Last year I knit her a lovely mohair one, which she washed and shrank to an inch of it’s life ….. but nothing lost, as I have now used it to make felted flowers with my Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die.
This is a family tradition going back to the days when my daughter Lucy was young and said she didn’t really enjoy bringing in the New Year, as nothing really happened, so we came up with the idea of everyone busying themselves in the days after Christmas making New Years Tut…….
  CoveredAltered Drawers
I’ve also altered an old set of jewellery drawers for Lucy, that cost me 20p from a car boot sale (which I will post in the next day or so)
We call it Tut because that’s what everyone usually does  when they open their parcels!!!
After Boxing Day we all start scurrying around and being VERY secretive as we start  making little presents for all those we will be seeing or thinking of as we see the New Year in. 
On New Years Eve afternoon I will make my Father in Law a bread and butter pudding that he can slice up and eat cold …… instead of layering the bread, you mash it all up to a cake like consistency and sprinkle with sugar, Nom, nom, nom!
It’s funny, but I can remember most of my tuts from years ago vividly, like my Derek Acorah night shirt, made by Lucy, or the bananas and custard with chocolate buttons on the top made for supper by my son Tom, a frozen shepherds pie from my Brother in Law and a simple jigsaw of Jose Murino in a jar from my sons girlfriend …….. oh how I tutted!
Lego sweets
My brother is Lego mad, so when I found these Lego sweets in amongst the “pick n mix” I just had to have them.  I’ve made the box using my box scoreboard and then found pictures of the Lego logo and bricks on the internet to decorate it.
Box of lego sweets
I’m not really sure who this gift is for, I think I may keep it for myself ….. it’s a string jar, all I’ve done is drill a small hole in the lid of a squat coffee jar and then squeeze quite a fat ball of string into it. Aye Walla!!  I had wanted to embellish it with my ceramic pens, but the effect was a bit too opaque and so didn’t show up too well.  I could add stickers I suppose, but I think I’ll leave it plain for the moment.
String Jar
More Tut to follow tomorrow ……